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Water Resources

Storm Event Flooding Report Form

Thank you for taking the time to report the flooding you observed.  If you experienced basement flooding and believe that there may have been a back up of sewage and stormwater into your basement, please visit our Sewer Back Up During Storm Events information page.  

Though both street and basement flooding events are not something that the City can typically fix in the short term, providing this information we request on this form helps improve our sewer pipe models and better document where we have sewer capacity issues so that we can work to fix them in the long term.  Unfortunately, in most cases, the capacity issues are not the result of just one sewer pipe on any given street, but rather the SYSTEM of sewers which were installed many decades ago.  If you are interested in learning more about our sewer system network, please visit:


Please answer this additional information about the street flooding you observed:

Please answer this additional information about the basement flooding you observed: