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What are the NPAs?

Neighborhood Planning Assemblies (NPAs) are grassroots, neighborhood organizations that were established in each of Burlington's eight Wards to encourage resident participation in City government. Working as neighborhood advocacy groups, Neighborhood Planning Assemblies help improve communication between the residents of Burlington and City government through regular meetings scheduled in each Ward. Read the original Resolution that created NPAs in Burlington here.

NPAs serve as organized, democratic forums where neighbors can learn about public issues that affect them and advise the City of their concerns and needs. NPAs elect steering committees to help advance the interests of neighbors in shaping the agenda and raising community issues. To find out more about joining your local NPA steering committee, visit the specific page of your NPA below and reach out to current steering committee members. NPAs are committed to participation and leadership that represents the diverse, multigenerational character of our community.

From stop signs to major development projects, the NPAs offer you an innovative way to get involved in neighborhood and City infrastructure issues, and make your opinions heard. If you are a developer whose project meets the threshold for Major Impact Review, you will need to visit the NPA of the Ward in which your development is proposed.

NPAs also elect representatives to a resident board that approves neighborhood development grant applications. This program funds projects that reduce poverty and/or revitalize low and moderate income neighborhoods.

Regular NPA topics include:

  • Upcoming ballot questions and candidate forums
  • Reports from elected and appointed officials
  • Presentations from local non-profits and businesses
  • Development projects in the wards


When and where are the meetings?

Neighborhood Planning Assemblies generally meet monthly at a regularly scheduled time and place:

NPA Meeting Day Meeting Place

Wards 1 & 8 NPA

Wards 1 & 8 NPA is on  

Second Wednesday of the month


UVM Medical, 111 Colchester Ave 

McClure Lobby Room

*Free parking in McClure Garage   

Wards 2 & 3 NPA

Wards 2 and 3 NPA is  on

Second Thursday of the month
Community Dinner: 5:30pm-6:30pm
NPA: 6:30pm-8:30pm


Old North End Community Building

20 Allen Street, Burlington

Wards 4 & 7 NPA

Wards 4 and 7 is on

Fourth Wednesday of the month


Robert E. Miller Community Center
130 Gosse Court

Ward 5 NPA

Ward 5 NPA is on 

Third Thursday of the month


City Market Community Room on Fynn Ave.

Ward 6 NPA

Ward 6 is on 

First Thursday of the month


Greek Orthodox Church, 600 South Willard St.

*Parking entrance off of Ledge Rd. on the east side

of the Rotary.  Overflow parking at the foot of Willard

or Christ the King School.  Walk up the paved

walkway from Willard directly to the Church.


If you’re not sure of your ward, please see the wards here

How do they work?

Bylaws: Each Neighborhood Planning Assembly has its own set of bylaws or guidelines. Although most meetings work in the same general way, the bylaws provide rules for the way that decisions are made and recorded.

Membership: Membership is open to all residents of a Ward. To become a member, an interested resident must attend a meeting of the Neighborhood Planning Assembly.

Steering Committees: Each Neighborhood Planning Assembly has a steering committee that is elected by the membership at large. The members of this committee are responsible for scheduling the meetings, setting the agendas, moderating the meetings, and making sure that everyone who wishes to, has an opportunity to speak. Steering Committee members also serve as contacts with City departments and other Neighborhood Planning Assemblies. The Steering Committee is responsible for recording the minutes of each meeting so that they are available for public inspection. Steering Committee members are elected by the Neighborhood Planning Assembly and generally serve for a one-year term

Agendas: Agendas are established and set by the Steering Committee with the participation of Neighborhood Planning Assembly membership. Any member of a Neighborhood Planning Assembly may request that an item be placed on the agenda for discussion. Open forum time is set aside at each meeting for members to freely express their views and concerns about the assembly or topics of public interest.

City of Burlington Community & Economic Development Office (CEDO): The Community & Economic Development Office in City Hall is responsible for displaying and maintaining NPA public records.  NPA Steering Committee send CEDO their meeting agenda and meeting minutes to be warned and publicly posted to comply with Open Meeting Law.

What do they do?

Each of Burlington's neighborhoods has its own unique history, resources and problems to be solved, and the Neighborhood Planning Assemblies reflect this diversity. Because many of the Neighborhood Planning Assemblies grew out of existing neighborhood groups, each has a different character and a different approach to resolving issues. However, the Neighborhood Planning Assemblies share the power and the resources of their members and the ability to involve people in the process of City government.

As active members of the Neighborhood Planning Assembly, residents have the power to influence public policy and work with others to bring about changes in the neighborhood and City.

Resolutions: NPAs influence public policy in several ways. One way NPAs express their sentiments and concerns about particular issues is in the form of resolutions. These resolutions are then distributed to the Mayor, City Councilors and appropriate City departments and commissions, ensuring that elected officials know what residents are thinking about particular issues before they make decisions. Neighborhood Planning Assembly resolutions are shared with Steering Committee members of other Neighborhood Planning Assemblies in order to keep each other informed about their opinions on issues or projects of public concern.

Community Development Block Grant fund allocation: Neighborhood Planning Assemblies also participate directly in the allocation of federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds by electing representatives to sit on the CDBG advisory board. CDBG funds are used to support many critical human services, housing, and neighborhood community development needs related to issues of poverty.


Presentation Requests:

To request a formal presentation with the NPAs on their agendas:

1. Click to download the NPA Presentation Request Form, and fill out the form. *All NPA meetings have public comments section to make short announcements that don't require a presentation request. 

2. Send it presentation form via email directly to the Steering Committee members of the NPA you'd like to present to.  Please see NPA email contacts below. 

While the NPAs encourage presentations, other agenda items and prior commitments for time may restrict them to adding additional presentation request. They will make every effort to put you on their agenda if time permits.  Please be patient and understanding if they are unable to accommodate you for the requested date or time. Thank you so much!

Steering Committee Members:

Wards 1 & 8 NPA

Richard Hillyard, Ward 1, pompeyhccc@hotmail.com

Cindy Cook, Ward 1, ccook@adamantaccord.com

Jonathan Chapple-Sokol..  jchapplesokol@gmail.com

Carol Livingston. carol.livingston1951@gmail.com

Caryn Long.  carynlong@burlingtontelecom.net


Wards 2 & 3 NPA

Tony Redington, Ward 2, TonyRVT99@gmail.com

Andrew Champagne, Ward 2, 802-540-0717

Patrick Johnson, Ward 2, superdogirie@gmail.com

Vikas Mangipudi, Ward 2, mangipudivm@gmail.com

Perri Freemen, Ward 2, perrianne23@gmail.com

Emma Schoenberg, Ward 2, em.schoenberg@gmail.com

Infinite Culcleasure, Ward 3, infinite.culcleasure@gmail.com

Barbara McGrew, Ward 3, bMcGrew@aol.com

Amanda Hannaford Ward 3, amanda.hannaford.vt@gmail.com

James Lockridge, Ward 3, jim@bigheavyworld.com

Lizzle Haskell, Ward 3, haskelllizzie@gmail.com


Wards 4 & 7 NPA

Eric Corbman, Ward 4, Northshore Dr., 399-2602 ecorbman@bellatlantic.net

Jim Holway, Ward 4, Loaldo Dr., 865-44711238 jim@holway.us

Alex Farrell, Ward 4, Little Eagle Bay, 503-5242 alexanderrfarrell@gmail.com

Jeff Clark, Ward 4,Cumberland Rd., 734-0993 jpclrk@gmail.com

David Driscoll, Ward 4, Killarney Dr., 598-1234 drscll@gmail.com

Linda Deliduka, Ward 7, Village Grn. 864-5114 deliduka.l@gmail.com

Chris Trombly, Ward 7,  Sandy Ln., 238-1158 chris_trombly@yahoo.com

James Loop, Ward 7,  Morrill Dr., 598-8260 James@matthurlburtgroup.com 

Matt Hurlburt, Ward 7, Morrill Dr., 862-5337  Matt@matthurlburtgroup.com

Jeff Comstock, Ward 7, 48 Plattsburg Ave, 233-0823 jgcomstock3@gmail.com

Ryon Frink, Ward 7, Cayuga Ct., 258-1244 ryon.frink@gmail.com


Ward 5 NPA

Bill Keogh, Alder Lane, 862-5270,  bkeoghsr@yahoo.com

Alec Bauer, awbauer@gmail.com

Ben Traverse,  bentraverse@gmail.com

Joanna Grossman,  joeyinvermont@gmail.com

Joe Dery,  joedery@gmail.com

Andy Simon,  earthadventure@gmail.com

Mohamed Jafar,  mo.jafarmohamed@gmail.com


Ward 6 NPA

Charles Simpson.  simpsocr@plattsburgh.edu

Michelle Mraz,  michelle.mraz@gmail.com

Matt Grady,  matt7631@gmail.com

Gail Rafferty,  gailraff8890@gmail.com

Mary Riley,  rileyburl@burlingtontelecom.net

Joel Fitzgerald.  jfitzerald@comcast.net


Contact CEDO to learn more about getting in touch with the appropriate NPA for you: 865-7172.