Water Resources

Stormwater Management

The City of Burlington established a dedicated stormwater program in 2009 in an effort to address the state and federal stormwater permit requirements. This program collects stormwater user fees from property owners in Burlington which are used to fund efforts to meet or exceed specific compliance requirements in the City's stormwater permit as well as improve stormwater management throughout the City. Fully addressing these requirements is key to improving the water quality of Lake Champlain and the Winooski River, as well as the streams that flow into them.

In addition, the City of Burlington continues to be a participant in the Chittenden County Regional Stormwater Education Program (RSEP) in accordance with section E1 of the stormwater plan.

Stormwater Ordinance 
Burlington's stormwater ordinance (Chapter 26) provides for more comprehensive review of projects in the City and for the collection of fees that support the maintenance, repair and replacement of stormwater infrastructure in the City and the continued development and implementation of a dedicated stormwater program to ensure regulatory compliance and to improve water quality in our waterbodies.

  • City Code - Chapter 26
    Amendments to the City Code, Chapter 26 - Ordinance adopted by City Council December 15, 2008; Effective April 1, 2009; includes 2010 amendment removing 1/2 acre impervious exemption.

Stormwater Project Review Process

All projects in Burlington disturbing more than 400 sf of earth require review from the Stormwater Program, regardless of whether other City permits are required. More information may be requested regarding long term stormwater management depending on the amount of impervious you are adding or redeveloping, but at a minimum you must complete an Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Plan Form (see link below).  Certain projects (larger projects and/or projects not on single family or duplex properties) may need to complete the Standard Eriosion and Sediment Control Plan Form, but smaller projects may use the Small Project form (both forms, with instructions are below).  More details about which projects are eligible for coverage under the Small project form are available on the sheets below.

 Single Family or Duplex properties:

Single Family or Duplex projects that are disturbing more than 400 s.f. and where the total amount of impervious is greater than 2500 s.f. (the average amount of impervious) will need to submit at least a Small Project Erosion Control Form (see above) as well as a Residential Stormwater Questionnaire (fillable word form version or pdf version).  For assistance in filling out the form, please check out the "Disconnected or Connected Impervious?" primer or contact the Stormwater Program at stormwater@burlingtonvt.gov or 863-4501.

Commerical Properties (including Triplexes):

Triplex or Commercial projects that are disturbing more than 400 s.f. will be required to submit some form of Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Plan as well as a Stormwater Management Plan depending on the size of the project. Please review the eligibility requirements on the Small or Standard Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control plan forms.  Additionally, if you are adding or redeveloping any impervious, please submit the Stormwater Management Screening Sheet (pdf ) to the Stormwater Program  to determine the requirements of your project.

For a general idea of the principles involved in stormwater managementd depending on where your project is located and what system it discharges to, please review "Stormwater Management Principles by Watershed."  A stormwater program staff person will provide you the specific details required of your project after review of your screening sheet.


Once the requirements have been determined, please ensure that you submit all of the requirements listed on the Stormwater Management Plan Requirements.

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