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Water Resources

Rates & Fees

Current Rate Schedule (Effective 7/1/23)

On 6/26/23 we received approval from the City Council Council to increase the water, wastewater and stormwater rates.  These changes are effective 7/1/23 and will be reflected in the August 2023 bills. 

The volumetric water rate is variable by meter classification, see table below. 

The wastewater rate is $6.71 per 100 cubic feet for all users.

The meter base charges are variable by meter size, see table below.

Private fire protection charges are variable by pipe diameter size and/or type of protection, see table below. 

Stormwater rates are based on your land use code and you can either be assessed a flat fee or be charged based on your actual impervious surface. 

  • Single Family: $8.12/month flat fee

  • Duplex: $8.07/month flat fee

  • Triplex: $9.30/month flat fee

  • Directly Assessed Customers: $3.04 x ISU/month 1 ISU = 1,000 sq.ft. impervious

To learn more about your bill, our services and how to request a review of your stormwater, private fire or meter base charges visit the My Account page, see tile below. 

​​​​​Other Fees & Charges

Water Resources is also subject to the Street Franchise Fee (section 27-122) whereby we pay 3.5% of our gross revenues to the City. 

Users who generate waste with a Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) that exceeds 400 milligrams per liter may be subject to a monthly wastewater surcharge.  This surcharge is applicable to certain types of commercial or industrial users.  Please contact us to discuss the possible strength of your waste and the Burlington City Ordinances that regulate use of public sewers (section 26-71).

Service Collection & Termination Fees: $25 collection fee when we physically go to a property and attempt payment collection (only one fee regardless of attempt tries), $25 water off or on fee during normal business hours (7am-3pm) and $37.50 water reconnection fee after normal business hours.  These special fees are in accordance with Vermont State Statutes, Title 24, Chapter 129: Uniform Water and Sewer Disconnect.   

We assess a $33 fee for any returned payment including insufficient funds, closed account, invalid account number, frozen account or a voluntary stoppage.  This processing fee is charged to us and is a pass through expense and cannot be waived.     

All delinquent balances are subject to a 1% interest charge per month and notices are only mailed for delinquencies greater than $200. 

We charge a $30 final meter reading fee when properties are sold.  

We are required to perform any installation or repair work from the water main up to and including the water meter.  There may be a charge for labor, equipment and materials to the propertyowner and this is billed separately from the monthly water bill.  Property owners can expect to be responsible for 50% of the cost for work from the water main to the curb stop, 100% of the cost from the curbstop to the water meter and any work after the water meter can be contracted privately by the property owner.  Additionally, property owners are responsible for 100% of the replacement costs for damaged or tampered meters and 100% of the costs for new meters (where no connection previously exisited).  These and other costs are outlined in Burlington City Ordinance 31-19, 31-26, 31-43, 31-49.  

Budget & Rate Setting History

Rate & Affordability Project (2019-2021)