Innovation & Technology

Department of Innovation and Technology

The Department of Innovation & Technology (I&T) was established in June 2015. 

The Department's creation was an initiative of the Mayor, approved by City Council, with the goals of:

  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive IT vision for the City
  • Coordinating a data-driven innovation strategy for the City
  • Lead the City’s efforts to collect, analyze, and disseminate data to the public across City Departments
  • Facilitate the institutionalization of data-driven decision making and continuous improvement across City Departments
  • Promote transparency through the use of accessible, open data
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement across the City, and coordinating the City’s effort to establish, benchmark, and track progress on performance metrics.


The Information Technology (IT) team is responsible for maintaining the City’s network, infrastructure, applications, and desktop computers. The team also provides programming support to all Departments to assist in the integration and development of applications required to perform our work. The team provides support to the following Departments: Burlington International Airport, Burlington City Arts, City Assessor, City Attorney, Clerk/Treasurer’s Office, Code Enforcement, Community & Economic Development Office, Fire Department, Human Resources, Fletcher Free Library, Mayor’s Office, Parks, Recreation & Waterfront, Planning & Zoning, and Public Works.