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Activities for Kids

Drinking Water Week
Water Distribution Maze
Water Cycle

EPA Water Sense For Kids
Helpful tips and a fun game!

Storm Drain Dan is a Stormwater Superhero!
In the City of Phoenix, a superhero has come to life and he has adventures that Burlington, VT can learn from too!  Keeping our storm drains pollution free is important! These coloring books are in both English and Spanish: Storm Drain Dan and the Weed Killer and Storm Drain Dan and the Mysterious Pool Water.

Thirstin's Wacky Water Adventures!
Follow Thirstin in this coloring and activity book as he explains about protecting and conserving our drinking water!  Begin here!

Catch A Ride On The Water Cycle!
An interactive coloring book with helpful hints and learning opportunities!  Catch the Wave!

External Links

The Water Cycle, Cloud Formation, and Rainbows Explained

Where does water come from? How can we protect it? What's in it?
DrinkTap is a great resource for all of those questions and there's a handy drip calculator too!

What does the CDC have to say about Drinking Water Week?
Find out here!

AWWA's assessement of water values by region.
The value of water in the Northeast 

What is effluent?  Is sludge really as icky as it sounds?
Explore every nook and cranny of wastewater treatment in this great guide from the WEF!

Looking to calculate how much that new appliance will save you in water costs?
Check out the EPA Water Sense page to discover that and much more!

What does Vermont regulate about the public drinking supply or indirect wastewater discharges?
Drinking & Groundwater Protection is an excellent resource.