Winooski River Sewer Break Incident Response Page: Details

Beginning 9/23, Recycling is accepted at the CSWD Pine St Location. Details available here.

Due to construction, 645 Pine public parking will alternate between entering on Pine St OR on Lakeside.

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Water Resources

Water Quality

Burlington Water Resources is committed to delivering the highest quality drinking water possible and the "Lake to Tap" process has many components.  Our water is sourced directly from Lake Champlain and processed at the Water Plant before making its way through the distribution system and into your home or business.  

    Drinking Water Advisories

    The distribution system has 110 miles of infrastructure and disruptions may result in a precautionary or mandatory boil water notice. 

    Hydrant Flushing

    Flushing the distribution system is a vital maintenance process that allows us improves water quality and identify fire hydrants in need of repair. 

    Fire Protection

    We require notification when fire suppression systems are being serviced as nearby properties may experience a water quality disruption. 

    Consumer Confidence Reports

    We conduct annual testing for detectable contaminants and publish the results in the CCR.