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Water Resources

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Annual Reporting

A MS4 is a publicly-owned system of conveyances (including but not limited to streets, ditches, catch basins, curbs, gutters, culverts, and outfalls) that is designed and used for transporting stormwater runoff which ultimately discharges to surface waters of the State.

The City of Burlington’s first MS4 Permit was adopted on March 19th, 2003. This permit is required under the Clean Water Act and is issued by the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The most recent version of the General Permit (effective July 27th,2018) can be found on the DEC’s website here and the City’s permit (7022-9014.AR) is available here. The intent of the MS4 permit is for the City to implement measures to reduce pollution in stormwater runoff and each year the City submits an annual report to the DEC for review.


Stormwater Management Plan

Annual Reports