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Phone: (802)863-4501 (Staff available 24/7 for Water Emergencies)
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Payment Mailing: PO Box 1758 | Albany, NY 12201
Other Correspondence: PO Box 878 | Burlington, VT 05402

Burlington Water Resources is proud to provide many essential services that include the production of potable water, meter reading & repair, billing, water main installation & maintenance, hydrant care and collection and treatment of wastewater and stormwater.  Water is our most valuable natural resource and we must continue to be stewards of our water infrastructure, protectors of our source waters and practitioners of water conservation!

Winter Is Coming!
As cold weather approaches, please remember that your water meter is temperature sensitive and repairs are costly. Meters are typically located in the basement and are prone to freezing or bursting if the surrounding area is not adequately heated or insulated from the cold. We also recommend turning off your outside spigot and draining the connected pipe and hose. Protect your home with a few of these Be Winter Wise tips!  
Stormwater Billing Updates
As part of Burlington's ongoing effort to develop and maintain accurate, up-to-date spatial information, we have recently completed an udpate to our data on impervious surfaces in Burlington.  You may review the impervious area assessed for your property here: Stormwater Billing Map.  If you believe there is an error, or would otherwise like to appeal this change, you may do so via the link at the top of the map above, or by clicking here: Request for Review of Stormwater User Fee
Available Now: Annual Water Quality Report
We are committed to delivering the highest quality drinking water possible and the "From Lake To Tap" process has many components. Please review test results from water samples taken throughout 2017 and other relevant information here.  If you have any questions about the tests performed, please reach out to our Chief Water Operator, Steve Asselin
FY 19 Rate Change
The water rate is increasing from $4.11 to $4.31 per 100 CF and the wastewater rate from $5.49 to $5.82 per 100 CF.  This change is effective for consumption after 7/1/18 and will be reflected in all August bills. The increase is intended to ensure sufficient resources for our near and long term capital needs as well as continued improvements to the revenue assurance program which is vital for utility financial health.  Please review our FY 19 Budget Presentation for the key drivers in both revenue and expenses. 
Final Meter Reading Request For A Property Sale
We require a written request be remitted by the property owner (or their representative) to initiate a final meter reading and bill.  There is a $30.00 fee assessed for this service.  Please visit our FAQ section to learn more about this change and download the fillable form.    
Fire Sprinkler Notifications 
Burlington Water must be notified of any planned or emergency work involving the water distribution system.  If you are a business, please remit this form to notify us of your job and residents can find those postings by visiting our Fire Sprinkler Notification section.
Do you want to be a FOG Fighter? 
Check out our Grease Management section to find out how you can help reduce the amount of Fats, Oils and Grease that enter the sewer system!
What important event happened in 1867?
Why, the Burlington City Water Works was born!  Find out more about this and other fun facts related to Burlington Water in our History tab.