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Water Resources

Storm Related Sewer Backups

Like many older cities, the Burlington sewer system was built over 100 years ago and includes both separate and combined sewer pipes.  The combined sewer system represents about 35% of our network and carries both sewage and stormwater to the treatment plants.  The majority of our combined sewer system exists under downtown and the Old North End which also happens to be the densest parts of our city and with a crowded subterranean network of existing utilities and infrastructure.  During dry weather and during typical storm events, a combined sewer pipe is able to accommodate both sanitary sewage from homes, as well as the stormwater from the street.  Unfortunately, when a lot of rain falls in a concentrated area over a short period of time, the volume of stormwater may exceed the capacity of the pipes.  This may result in displaced manhole covers, overflowing catch basins and sewer backups into up into homes.  Backwater protection is vital if your property has plumbing fixtures that are below the elevation of the sewer.