Stormwater Permitting and Project Review

As of Monday, May 3, 2021 the City of Burlington transitioned to a new permit system: OpenGov

This new permit system is part of the city's permit reform efforts and enables online applications for all permits administered by the Department of Permitting & Inspections.  Paper applications and payments are no longer necessary. First time users need to create an account to log in and use the system.  


Stormwater Permitting and Project Review Process

All projects in Burlington disturbing more than 400 square feet (sf) of earth require review from the Stormwater Program, regardless of whether other City permits are required. More information may be requested regarding long term stormwater management depending on the amount of impervious you are adding or redeveloping, but at a minimum you must complete an Erosion Prvention and Sediment Control Plan (EPSC) Permit on OpenGov

Many projects may trigger an EPSC permit during the question and answer portion of a Construction and Zoning Permit Project Application or a Water Resources Review Project Application. If you have questions regarding which Project type to begin on OpenGov additional permitting and staff contact information is available on the City's Permitting and Inspections webpage.

Additional permits which may be triggered during a Zoning Permit Application or required after the fact by City Stormwater staff are discussed below.

Single Family or Duplex properties:

Single Family or Duplex projects that are disturbing more than 400 sf and where the total amount of impervious is greater than 2,500 sf (the average amount of impervious) will need to complete an EPSC permit as well as a Residential Stormwater Management Plan.

Commerical Properties (including Triplexes):

Triplex or Commercial projects that are disturbing more than 400 sf may be required to submit a Post Construction Stormwater Management Plan (PCSW) depending on the extent of proposed and/or total resulting impervious cover on site.


For a general idea of the principles involved in stormwater managementd depending on where your project is located and what system it discharges to, please review "Stormwater Management Principles by Watershed."  A stormwater program staff person will provide you the specific details required of your project after review of your screening sheet.


If additional assistance is needed to complete any of the above mentioned permits/forms feel free to contact the Stormwater Program at or (802) 863-4501.