City Planning

Welcome to the Office of City Planning

The Office of City Planning works collaboratively with all members of our community to articulate a vision for the future of Burlington, and works to implement this vision of a vibrant and sustainable community for the benefit of both current and future generations. To this end, City Planning is responsible for researching, analyzing, developing, and proposing City land use planning and development policies, plans, programs, and ordinances including:

  • Lead the development of the City’s municipal development plan (a.k.a. "planBTV") and related area-specific and resource/issue-specific plans
  • Maintain and prepare amendments to the City’s zoning and subdivision ordinances (known as the Comprehensive Development Ordinance
  • Collect and analyze data regarding land use and development trends and best practices
  • Formulate community outreach and engagement activities related to the creation of land use plans and development policies
  • Support the Planning Commission, Mayor, and City Council in the adoption, implementation, funding and prioritization of these comprehensive land use and development policies, plans, regulations, and programs
  • Collaborate with other City departments in preparing intermediate and long-range plans and policies for transportation, parks, housing, community and economic development and other matters related to the use and development of land
  • Advise and provide professional and technical assistance to the Mayor, City Council, and other City departments on planning and development issues as well as proposed State and Federal legislation impacting development projects, City ordinances, and grant opportunities


Long Range Planning

Comprehensive Plan, Neighborhood & Topical Plans, Other Studies

Implementing planBTV

Zoning ordinances and other policies, capital projects, programs, other studies

Planning Commission

Works with department to develop plans, policies, make recommendations to City Council

What's New

City Planning Office is Closed until further notice - updated Monday, March 17, 2020

Due to the rapidly evolving response by the City of Burlington to the COVID-19 outbreak, the City Planning Office is currently closed. Until further notice, City Planning staff are working remotely, and have been re-tasked to provide analytical support to the Emergency Operations Center and the Mayor. We are regularly checking our email, and if this is an urgent matter we will respond as soon as we are able.


Zoning relocated to Pine Street December 2, 2019

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The Department of Permitting and Inspections is now at 645 Pine Street in December 2019. All zoning permitting services, staff, and zoning permit and development records have been relocated from City Hall to Pine Street. Thank you for your patience as we launch the new one-stop permitting center in Burlington!


City Planning is a new City department!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The former Department of Planning and Zoning is now two departments: the Department of Permitting and Inspections and the Office of City Planning. This change was approved by the voters in March 2019 in order to create a single department with responsibility development permitting and inspections services. The Office of City Planning was created to advance and house the City's award-winning long-range land use and development planning program. City Planning is located on the 3rd floor of Burlington City Hall across from the Community and Economic Development Office.


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