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Hydrant Flushing

The annual or semi annual flushing of water mains, via fire hydrants, is a standard practice in the water industry.  Pipe flushing is done to improve water quality at the tap, exercise hydrants, remove pipe tuberculation (a buildup common in iron pipes that can reduce its ability to transmit water) and remove naturally occurring sediment that can accumulate in the lines.  The hydrant flushing will be conducted by our Water Resources Distribution Team from 7 am-3 pm and they will be in clearly marked Department of Public Works vehicle.

Please check out hydrants in your neighborhood with our interactive hydrant map!

The flushing process often disturbs the minerals and sediment in the water mains causing them to dissolve and temporarily discolor the water delivered to homes and businesses.  Although, the water is perfectly safe we recommend running the cold water for several minutes to help clear the discoloration before using it for drinking or laundry.  If you experience any discolored clothing due to hydrant flushing, please contact Water Resources prior to drying the items and we can offer solutions for stain removal.


New for 2015! A Pumper Port Gate Valve!  What is that you ask?  Well, this valve allows us to shut down a failed hydrant  without shutting off the water to residents.  Unscheduled water outages are inconvenient and costly, so we are very pleased with our new pumper port gate valve.



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