Operation Clean Sweep Runs April 24 - May 2. Cars must be off-street on your night of sweeping.

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Water Resources

Hydrant Flushing

The annual or semi annual flushing of water mains, via fire hydrants, is a standard practice in the water industry.  This is a vital maintenance process that improves water quality at the tap by removing accumulated minerals, sediment and tuberculation (a buildup common in iron pipes that reduces its ability to transmit water).  This also allows us to identify hydrants in need of repair.  Our Field Services Team will be in a clearly marked DPW vehicle and will conduct most flushing during the day but certain areas of the City will be flushed at night to minimize disruptions.  

The flushing process can cause low water pressure and frequently disturbs the accumulated minerals and sediment in the water mains.  The quick release of water from a hydrant causes them to dissolve and temporarily discolor the water delivered to homes and businesses.  Although, the water is perfectly safe we recommend running a cold water tap for several minutes to help clear the discoloration before using it for drinking or laundry.  We also ask that you refrain from using the hot water when the water is discolored because that can draw the sediment into the hot water heater. 


Current Communication Updates

**Hydrant Flushing is scheduled to begin on Wednesday 4/24/24 and will be ongoing through August.**

General Communications

Hydrant Maintenance

Fire hydrants spend most of their time unused and ignored, yet they are called upon at a moment’s notice to provide fire flow for the protection of a business or home. They are an indispensable facet of the overall fire protection features of a building.  In addition to the inspection and flow testing that happens with hydrant flushing, we perform other routine maintenance to ensure the fire protection network for the City is in excellent working order.

Painting: We paint the hydrants every 2-3 years with oil based paint designed to withstand the rigors of Vermont weather.  In order to keep our hydrants looking their best, please try to discourage your pets from using them as a toilet.  This is especially important if the hydrant is freshly painted.          

Flagging: We install pop up flags on the hydrants in the Winter, so they can be visible to plow trucks and the fire department.   We know the flags are nifty but they serve an important function and shouldn't be removed.    

Snow Removal:  We shovel the snow away from the nozzle connection after all fire hydrants after each major snow storm.  This ensures they remain accessible and able to serve when needed.  Residents are welcome to Adopt A Hydrant for the Winter and help with this critical task.