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Department of Public Works

Operation Clean Sweep



Operation Clean Sweep is coming to Burlington

April 24 - May 2, 2024



Need an interpreter? DPW is using Telelanguage - a real time interpretation service. If you, or any neighbors want to learn more, and prefer to discuss in another language, do not hesitate to call us at 802-863-9094.

To see translated versions of this material, please visit here.


Why Clean Sweep? Clean Sweep is vital to Lake health and our health. It keeps nutrient pollution out of the Lake, keeps the roads safer by clearing them of debris and keeps our infrastructure in better shape by limiting flooding from clogged storm drains. We NEED your help this year.

Is this the only time of year we sweep? NO! We begin sweeping as soon as the weather turns and the sweepers can be de-winterized. In 2024 given the mild winter, we have been sweeping every month.


See the map below or click on it to be taken to a dynamic map, and find your Clean Sweep Zone.

Note that "new" Zone H ONLY incorporates the North & East side of Franklin Square in the New North End.


Where will my car be if I'm towed? Will my neighborhood receive towed cars? If your car is towed, please give us a call and we'll help you locate exactly where it is. As part of the City's long-standing tow plan during citywide bans, we relocate your vehicle within Burlington to a nearby City lot. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to short term neighborhood impacts from an increased overnight presence of tow vehicles. We appreciate your patience during this important annual event. 


Can I help clean up the greenbelt/sidewalk by pushing leaves or debris into the roadway?
Please don't! The best way for you to help is to ensure cars, basketball hoops and any other items are out of the street. Sweeping debris into the street creates potential hazards for bikers and pedestrians so please avoid that!

*Once the sweeper passes, can I park back on the street? No! Sweepers may make multiple passes down a street.

How can I help? Ensure your car is off the street on your night of sweeping, remind your neighbors, let us know if an area needs more sweeping by submitting a See Click Fix report at and sign up for VT-Alert at for important text/email updates on Clean Sweep, parking bans and more.



Please watch for the lights to be on in your area. “When the lights are on the cars are gone from 10PM-7AM”. Free Parking is available in the city-owned Marketplace Garage (47 S. Winooski: entrances on Cherry St & Bank St) & Downtown Garage (formerly called College & Lakeview Garage) with entrances on College, Battery and Cherry. Free parking in the garages is from 7PM-9AM. For a map of these city-owned parking locations, please visit



For a map and list of streets by zone see here


Streets will be swept on the following dates:


Zone A -  New North End (East- Side) – Wednesday April 24


Zone B & H - New North End (West-Side) – Thursday April 25


Zone F -  Downtown – Sunday April 28 (begins at midnight 4/29)


Zone G - Old North End – Monday April 29


Zone D -  Hill Section – Tuesday April 30


Zone E -  University Area – Wednesday May 1


Zone C -   South End – Thursday May 2


Sweeping will begin at 10:00 p.m. and last until 7:00 a.m. *In Zone F sweeping begins after midnight and lasts until 6AM 


Please remove any vehicles from the streets on your night!



About Operation Clean Sweep?

DPW Customer Service

802-863-9094 x 3 or call 802-658-SNOW

About Parking, Tickets & Towing?

Parking Services

645 Pine St

Burlington, VT 05401

Support (8AM-4PM, M-F): 802-540-2380

After-Hours, Holidays, Weekends802-658-2704 (Police)