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Department of Public Works

Engineering Standards


This site is intended to be a repository of planning, design, and construction standards and guidance documents adopted by the City of Burlington (approved by City Council 12/18/2023).

The Department of Public Works developed the City of Burlington Engineering Standards, which is made up of drawings and specifications for construction of typical features in the City’s right-of-way. Engineering standards facilitate infrastructure being built consistently throughout the right-of-way. In general, these Standards include things like means and methods for construction and materials specifications. The Standards are based on:

  • Best practices from water resources and transportation capital projects,
  • Great Streets components, and
  • Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) Standard Specifications for Construction, with modifications for procedures that are specific to Burlington.

Standard Drawings

The following table shows the current and any archived standard drawings:

Document Department ID Date
Utility Patches DPW - Water Resources A-1-BURL 12/18/23
Street Typical Section DPW - Technical Services A-2-BURL 12/18/23
Paving Manholes and Catch Basins DPW - Streets A-3-BURL 12/18/23
Side Path DPW - Streets A-4-BURL 12/18/23
Paved Driveway Apron Handwork DPW - Streets B-1-BURL 12/18/23
Sidewalk DPW - Streets C-1-BURL 12/18/23
Curb DPW - Streets C-2-BURL 12/18/23
Quickbuild Curb Extension  DPW - Streets C-3-BURL 12/18/23
Sanitary Standard Details DPW - Water Resources D-1-BURL 12/18/23
Stormwater Standard Details DPW - Water Resources D-2-BURL 12/18/23
Water Standard Details I DPW - Water Resources D-3-BURL 12/18/23
Water Standard Details II DPW - Water Resources D-4-BURL 12/18/23
Wheel Chair Grate DPW - Water Resources D-6-BURL 12/18/23
Seed DPW - BPRW E-1-BURL 12/18/23
Speed Hump and Table DPW - Streets T-1-BURL 12/18/23
Bikeway Markings DPW - Traffic T-2-BURL 12/18/23
Pavement Markings DPW - Traffic T-3-BURL 12/18/23
Speed Hump/Table Pavement Marking DPW - Traffic T-4-BURL 12/18/23

Any work done using these Standards is subject to review and approval by the City of Burlington. The Standards are to be used by engineering professionals for projects within the City. The Standards may need to be modified with approval by the City Engineer to meet project specific applications. The Standards do not cover all aspects of water resources and other infrastructure and it is the responsibility of the designer to ensure construction details are complete for specific applications. The City is not responsible for the misuse of these Standards for applications where they are not appropriate.

Written Construction Specifications

These Specifications are compiled here. This document is for use in all City funded projects in the ROW and any Private projects seeking to be turned over to the City at any point. All sections may not apply to every project.  In general, the City of Burlington specifications reference the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s specifications. However, certain sections, as called out below, are added into Burlington’s specifications or have modifications to meet the needs of Burlington.

Please find the Contractor Pre-qualification Application here (updated 2023) pursuant to the Burlington Code of Ordinances Chapter 21, Article V, Prequalification of Construction Contractors.

Section # Section Name Date
  Notice to Bidders - Utilities 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Temporary Construction Signs 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Retroreflective Sheeting 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Gender Free Single Occupancy Restrooms 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Contaminated Sharps (Hypodermic Needles) 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Environmental Commitments 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Parking Restrictions 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Measures to Mitigate Potential Impacts Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Site Condition 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Concurrent Construction 12/18/23
  Notice to Bidders - Standard Drawings 12/18/23
100 General Provisions 12/18/23
101 Definitions and Terms 12/18/23
105 Control of Work 12/18/23
106 Control of Materials 12/18/23
107 Legal Relations and Responsibility of the Public 12/18/23
108 Prosecution and Progress 12/18/23
300 Subbase and Base Coarses 12/18/23
301 Subbase 12/18/23
600 Incidental Construction 12/18/23
641 Traffic Control 12/18/23
651 Turf Establishment 12/18/23
653 Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control 12/18/23
656 Planting Trees, Shrubs, and Vines 12/18/23
659 Exposing of Roots for Street Trees 12/18/23
675 Traffic Signs 12/18/23
700 Materials 12/18/23
755 Landscaping and EPSC Materials 12/18/23
800 City of Burlington Provisions 12/18/23
801  Driveway Aprons 12/18/23
820 Traffic Calming 12/18/23
830 Structure Adjustment 12/18/23
  City of Burlington Provisions 12/18/23
  Authority to Close Streets to Parking 12/18/23
  Street Trees 12/18/23
  Restoration of Existing Surfaces 12/18/23
  Working Hours 12/18/23
  Winter Shutdown 12/18/23
  Hazardous Materials 12/18/23
  Historic Preservation 12/18/23
  Driveway Apron and Curb Cuts 12/18/23
  As-Built Drawings 12/18/23
  Right of Way Acceptance 12/18/23
  Private Streets 12/18/23

Guidance and Design Standards

The following is a compilation of commonly referenced Design Standards and Guidance that is adopted by the City for applicable projects. 

VTrans Links

2020 VTrans ADA Transition Plan

Active Specifications

Standard Drawings

VTrans Guidleline For Pedestrian Crossing Treatments

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City Design Standards


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Fire Truck Turning Template - Tower , E-ONE HP 100 Plarform

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Stop and Signalized Intersection Design Vehicle Standards

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City Design Guidance

2018 ADA Transition Plan for Burlington

APBP Bike Parking

Burlington Guidelines For Pedestrian Crossing Treatments

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In Street Pedestrain Sign

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