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Reinvesting in Burlington: Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainable Infrastructure In November 2016, Burlington residents voted overwhelmingly in support of two bond measures to reinvest in our city's aging capital and water infrastructure. From drinking water and stormwater to roads, sidewalks and the bike path (managed by Parks, Recreation and Waterfront), and all across the city, we will see vast improvements in our vital infrastructure. The Sustainable Infrastructure Plan is being implemented so we can benefit from improved infrastructure in the present and to steward our physical and natural resources for future generations.

UPDATES (reverse chronological order)

3/22/2018: The Public Works Commission gave us an opportunity to present our plans for the coordinated Lower Downtown projects and to hear from the public on our proposal to add temporary parking on South Champlain street to mitigate temporary parking impacts during construction. This proposal passed during the meeting.

3/15/2018: Thanks to Ward 5's NPA for the opportunity to talk about a series of projects affecting their neighborhoods and business districts during the construction year.

3/14/2018: We had the opportunity to host residents who live near and along our coordinated Lower Downtown projects at the Bobbin Mill Community Room to talk about the scope of work, tentative schedule, impacts and impact mitigation. Here is a copy of the brief presentation we gave -- much of the info is also below. 

3/9/2018: We briefed BBA's Downtown Action Group on the details of our downtown reinvestment projects, and had the opportunity to answer some questions.

3/9/2018: It was a great opportunity to talk with our friends at RunVermont about what we can do to help them put on one of the best shows in town - the Marathon!


Year 2: 2018 From the New North End to the South End, and all across Burlington, 2018 Promises to be an exciting year for reinvestment and infrastructure revitalization across our city. We will be paving, reconstructing sidewalks, upgrading stormwater infrastructure and improving the multi-modal transportation network to help keep Burlington an inclusive, vibrant and well-connected city - accessible to all residents and visitors. The construction window is short in Vermont, and we will be working hard to work for you. You deserve to be informed, so please use this page as a resource as well as the links below if you have any questions. Here's to a fun, safe and productive construction year in the Queen CIty!

  • Construction Portal: To see an interactive map of all BTV projects in the right-of-way.
  • Paving Update: As presented to the Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee on 2/21/18 -- subject to approvals, funding and weather permitting
  • Press Release: City to Expand Paving Program
  • Water Projects

Year 1: 2017 Capital Construction Progress










Resident Resources

  • SeeClickFix: We monitor this site Monday to Friday during business hours. Use this tool to report maintenance issues (like potholes or clogged storm drains) and then track the issue from acknowledgement to closure.
  • Construction Portal: This resource will help you stay on top of the coming construction year, including all projects citywide and all projects in your neighborhood
  • Customer Service: Feel free to email or call 802-863-9094 with any questions you have.