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Department of Public Works

Reinvesting in Burlington


In November 2016 and again in November 2018, Burlington residents voted overwhelmingly in support of bond measures to reinvest in our city's aging capital, drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. Since passage of the 2016 Sustainable Infrastructure Plan (SIP), the City has:

  • tripled sidewalk rebuilding
  • nearly doubled paving production (having paved nearly 20% of the entire City)
  • placed an emphasis on water main infrastructure for the first time in recent memory

The SIP was implemented so we can benefit from improved infrastructure in the present and to steward our physical and natural resources for future generations. Similarly, the Clean Water Resiliency Plan (CWRP) will modernize our vast wastewater and stormwater system through Treatment Plant upgrades, sewer & storm pipe relining, outfall repairs and pump station updates. This Plan builds on years of analysis and better asset management. Significant progress has been made by every generation in stewarding area waters, and the CWRP continues that strong tradition. 

2021 presents another significant opportunity for capital construction progress. While are at the end of the 2016 Infrastructure funding for sidewalks, water mains and paving, thanks to community support we will be making use of supplemental funding to again triple our sidewalk rebuilding this year. Paving bids have been challenging due to Covid-influenced materials price increases. Some of that work may be delayed. The City continues to look at future funding possibilities and always looks to partner on projects to extend City dollars - including on projects like the North Avenue crosswalk projects, the Champlain Parkway and University Place.

Visit Clean Water Resiliency Plan to learn more about the work that has been completed and planned to upgrade our stormwater and wastewater infrastruture.



Sustainable Infrastructure Plan

The foundation of a vibrant city life rests on well-maintained capital infrastructure. Click here to read the 2016 Plan.

Capital Construction Maps

View sidewalk, paving, water, sewer & other capital projects - planned for 2021, underway & all completed since 2016.

Clean Water Resiliency Plan

Learn more about this comprehensive modernization of our stormwater and wastewater system.




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    Public Information Manager
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