Department of Public Works

Reinvesting in Burlington


In November 2016, Burlington residents voted overwhelmingly in support of two bond measures to reinvest in our city's aging capital and water infrastructure. From drinking water and stormwater to roads, sidewalks and the bike path (managed by Parks, Recreation and Waterfront), and all across the city, we will see vast improvements in our vital infrastructure. The Sustainable Infrastructure Plan is being implemented so we can benefit from improved infrastructure in the present and to steward our physical and natural resources for future generations.

Sustainable Infrastructure Plan

The foundation of a vibrant city life rests on well-maintained capital infrastructure. Click here to read the 2016 Plan.

Capital Construction Portal

View maps of all sidewalk, paving, water, sewer and other capital projects - planned, in progress or completed since 2016.

Capital Production By Year

View all of the capital construction progress Burlington has made since passage of the 2016 infrastructure bonds.