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Department of Public Works

About DPW


To Steward Burlington’s infrastructure and environment by delivering efficient, effective, and equitable public services.



Every Burlington resident and visitor relies on our services in some form every day. We produce and deliver potable water, collect and treat wastewater, manage stormwater, construct and maintain sidewalks, roads, and other capital infrastructure, manage the traffic and parking systems, maintain the City’s fleet, ensure compliance with fire and life safety codes, pickup recycling, and more. DPW is comprised of four divisions:

  • Technical Services: Responsible for consultation and technical advice, issuing permits for construction in the City and inspecting the work for adherence to safety codes and standards. Engineering and Planning services include design, construction, and management of streets, sidewalks and pathways, public buildings, traffic signals, transportation planning, and policy development and staff support to various committees. 
  • Maintenance: responsible for maintaining the City’s 95 miles of streets (plowing, sweeping, fixing potholes), 127 miles of sidewalks (plowing, laying new sidewalk) and 100 miles of wastewater collection infrastructure (repairing and cleaning pipes, basins).
  • Water Resources: The Water and Wastewater programs deliver potable water to your tap and clean the wastewater and some combined sewer stormwater prior to discharge into the Winooski River and Lake Champlain. The Stormwater Program focuses on the mitigation of separated stormwater runoff.
  • Parking and Traffic: Responsible for all public parking in the City, as well as for traffic lights, signs, pavement markings, and crossing guards.