City of Burlington, Vermont

City of Burlington, Vermont

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A History of Water Quality in Burlington Explore the evolution of the wastewater and stormwater collection system in Burlington. There has been remarkable progress over the last 60 years, including in the last generation and the last decade in capturing stormwater and treating wastewater and stormwater. There have been some unplanned and unfortunate recent discharges into or adjacent to the Lake, and we would like to offer an opportunity to discuss the history of our system, how we're working to improve it and to discuss the progress that has been made in a very short period of time. 



For more information on the St. Paul project, please visit:

PROJECT BACKGROUND The Great Streets Initiative is a culmination of many years of planning and project development to reinvest in our core downtown streets, continue beautifying our streetscape and installing more sustainable infrastructure. The process began with the public vote in March of 2015 to use the City's downtown TIF district to make new investments in the downtown's public infrastructure and to ensure that Burlington has a downtown that is a vibrant, walkable and sustainable urban center. On August 13, 2018, City Council approved the contract to begin work. For information on the overall Great Streets concept, please visit

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Work will include reconstruction of St Paul from Main to Maple, including the intersections with King and Maple and extend slightly along each side street. The project will work to underground overhead utilities through construction of a new duct bank under the western sidewalk, install new tree infrastructure, sidewalks, tree belts, pervious pavers, stormwater gardens, drainage, curbs and repaving the surface of the road. We will have full time on-site inspection of the work and representation for the City that residents and businesses will be able to reach out to regarding immediate construction concerns.


From the New North End to the South End, and all across Burlington, 2018 is an exciting year for reinvestment and infrastructure revitalization across our city. We will be paving, reconstructing sidewalks, upgrading stormwater infrastructure and improving the multi-modal transportation network to help keep Burlington an inclusive, vibrant and well-connected city - accessible to all residents and visitors. The construction window is short in Vermont, and we will be working hard to work for you. You deserve to be informed, so please use this page as a resource as well as the links below if you have any questions. Here's to a safe and productive construction year in the Queen CIty!


Construction Portal: To see an interactive map, and tables, of all BTV paving, sidewalk, water and other projects in the right-of-way since the passage of the November 2016 infrastructure bonds. Includes anticipated schedules.

Reinvesting in Burlington: Year 2 of the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan 

Lower DowntownThe City of Burlington is undertaking significant work in the Lower Downtown to upgrade and invest in our aging municipal infrastructure along Maple St and Pine St (between Main & Maple). These projects will lead to renewed and revitalized infrastructure that will serve you for a long time. Click the link to learn more.





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