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Department of Public Works

Right of Way Encumbrance, Permits and Agreements

Currently, these applications will be issued by email only. You can reach out to for more info.

Respective to the City Code of Ordinances and to ensure public health and safety around construction activity in the City right-of-way (ROW), permits are required for any person, firm, or corporation to block or disturb the ground or pavement in any street, sidewalk, greenbelt or curb within the ROW. 

Insurance, permit bond and plans shall be submitted to provide a clear description of all projects. All applications, forms, plans and submittals must be complete and attached to the application before locating or receiving permission to be in/on city property.

Curb Cut Permit Application
Excavation Permit Application
Obstruction Permit Application
Sandwich Boards Permit Application
Excess Weight Permit (single vehicle)
Excess Weight Permit (fleet application)
Encumbrance Permit Applications:

Public Records Request Form

Supplemental Information