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Water Resources

Customer Service, Billing and Meter Shop
235 Penny Lane | P O Box 878
Burlington, VT 05402

Phone (802)863-4501 (Staff available 24/7 for Water Emergencies)
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Burlington Water Resources is proud to provide many essential services that include the production of potable water, meter reading & repair, billing, water main installation & maintenance, hydrant care and collection and treatment of wastewater and stormwater.  Water is our most valuable natural resource and we must continue to be stewards of our water infrastructure, protectors of our source waters and practitioners of water conservation!

FY 2018 Water Resources Rates and Changes to Franchise Fee Collection
Customers can expect to see an approximate 3.21% increase overall on their monthly Water, Wastewater and Stormwater bill starting with the August 2017 bill.  This rate increase is primarly due to increases in the Water rate related to payment for Voter authorized (and very needed) borrowing associated with the Water Main Reinvestment project.  Additionally, Water Resources has made changes to how it collects the 3.5% Franchise Fee that the City assesses on Water Resources gross revenue.  Please find detailed information about both changes by reviewing our Rate page, as well as our FAQ on these topics.
2016 Water Quality Report Now Available
Quality potable water is our highest priority, please review sample results and other exciting news about our year here.  Should you have any questions about the tests performed, please speak with our Chief Plant Operator, Steve Asselin. 
Final Meter Reading Request For A Property Sale
Begining July 7, 2017, we will require a written request be remitted by the property owner (or their representative) to initiate a final meter reading and bill.  There will be a $30.00 fee assessed for this service.  Please visit our FAQ section to learn more about this change and download the fillable form.    
Fire Sprinkler Notifications 
Burlington Water must be notified of any planned or emergency work involving the water distribution system.  If you are a business, please remit this form to notify us of your job and residents can find those postings by visiting our Fire Sprinkler Notification section.
Do you want to be a FOG Fighter? 
Check out our Grease Management section to find out how you can help reduce the amount of Fats, Oils and Grease that enter the sewer system!

What important event happened in 1867?
Why, the Burlington City Water Works was born!  Find out more about this and other fun facts related to Burlington Water in our History tab.