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All Legal Resident Voting

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In March 2023, Burlington residents voted to implement All Legal Resident Voting. It passed with 68% support. Allowing all Legal Residents to vote in our local elections gives a voice to members of the community who live, work, and pay taxes in Burlington.

What is All Legal Resident Voting?

All Legal Resident Voting allows full-time residents of Burlington who legally reside here, but do not have full U.S. citizenship, to vote in local elections. For example, green cardholders, residents with eligible work permits, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients are all eligible to register to vote in local elections.

Which items are Legal Residents eligible to vote on?

Legal Residents who are not United States citizens, are eligible to vote for:

  • Elected officials for the City of Burlington and Burlington School District, including Mayor, City Councilors, School Commissioners, and city election officers

  • Any questions pertaining to the City of Burlington or the Burlington School District

Legal residents who are not United States citizens are not permitted to vote in state or federal elections.

Are Legal Resident voters eligible to run for city offices?

Yes, once a resident is registered to vote, that person can run for city offices.

How can a Legal Resident register to vote?

Register to vote by completing the City of Burlington All Legal Resident Voter Registration Form, and returning it to the Clerk Treasurer’s Office at 149 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401. Legal residents may also register to vote at their polling on Election Day,  Translations of the City of Burlington All Legal Resident Registration Form are available in: Arabic | العربية  -  Burmese | မြန်မာစာ   - French | Français - Nepali | नेपाली - Somali | Soomaali - Swahili | Kiswahili