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Property Taxes

The City of Burlington does not want anyone to pay more in taxes than required. There are property tax credit programs for most residential property owners in Burlington. Approximately, 70% of Burlington property owners whom declare their homestead to the State of Vermont receive a credit on their Burlington tax bill. We hope that you take advantage of these State of Vermont programs. 


Burlington residents whom declare their Burlington home as their primary residence are eligible for the Homestead Tax. Please complete the State of Vermont tax form called HS-122.You may be eligible for an income-based property tax credit by submitting the HI-144 form. More information on both programs is available at: 


Please note that when you apply for a property tax adjustment you report your property taxes from the current fiscal year (at the time of tax filing) and your household income from the prior calendar year in this State-run program and for that reason, many people say there is a “lag” or “lookback” in the property tax adjustment system.  You can find out more at:


If you have questions about your Homestead or Property Tax Credit Claim:

  • Call the State of Vermont Tax Department at 866-828-2865/802-828-2865
  • Or visit and click the Individual Income Taxes link to e-mail an inquiry.


Can I pay my property taxes online?

Yes, you may pay your property taxes on-line here. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR PARCEL ID NUMBER. You may look up your parcel ID number here. When entering your Parcel ID, use the format as it appears on your tax bill 000-0-000.000 

Processing fees will apply and will be charged by our payment processor, Municipay. E-check payments will be charged a flat $1.50 fee. Credit Card payments will be charged a flat $1.50 fee for transactions under $56 or a 2.65% fee for transactions greater than $56. 

Click here for detailed instructions.


How else can I pay my property taxes?

Property taxes can be paid by mail, or through automatic tax payments. Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to the City of Burlington. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, City Hall has in person office hours on Monday-Friday from 8:00am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm. Payments can be placed in the drop box outside of City Hall. The drop box is located on the upper right hand side of the ground floor, Church Street entrance. Taxpayers who would like a receipt for their payment may enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with their payment or include a written request with your email address so that a receipt can be sent to you electronically. 

Payments can be mailed to:
City of Burlington
Attn: Property Taxes
PO Box 22086
Albany, NY 12201-2086


How do I have my tax bill sent to a different address?

You will need to fill out a Change of Mailing Address Form and return it to the Assessor's Office.


When do my taxes go delinquent?

Property Taxes are Due by June 12. Failure to pay any outstanding FY2022 property taxes by Tuesday, June 23, 2022 will cause your account to become delinquent. Payments must be received in the Clerk Treasurer's Office by 4:30pm, postmarked, or paid online no later than Tuesday, June 23, 2022 in order to avoid delinquency fees. June 24, 2022 and later postmarks by the US Post Office or payments left at City Hall or paid online after June 23, 2022 will be late and cause your account to become delinquent and placed on the delinquent tax warrant. You will be charged a one time 8% (eight percent) Delinquent Penalty fee and a $1.00 Warrant Fee on any outstanding taxes, and any interest already accrued for this fiscal year will still be due. If the outstanding amount includes your fourth quarter tax installment, you will be charged an additional 4% (four percent) interest on the installment amount. 


Is there a discount for paying my taxes early?

No, there is not


Is there a grace period for late payments?

No, but envelopes postmarked on or before the due date will be accepted without penalty.


What if I disagree with a penalty that has been assessed against my account?

You have the right to appeal the penalty to the Board of Tax Abatement. However, interest will continue to be added to any delinquent taxes


What if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday?

When the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, payments will be accepted without penalty until the next business day.


When are property taxes due?

Property taxes are divided into quarterly payments. Payments are due on the 12th of August, November, March, and June each year. In the event that the 12th falls on a weekend, payments are due the next business day. 


When will I receive my new tax bill?

Tax bills are mailed each year in July.