Clerk/Treasurer’s Office

Gross Receipts Tax

The Clerk Treasurer’s Office administers the City of Burlington’s Restaurant, Hotel, Amusements and Admissions Tax, also known as the Gross Receipts tax. This tax is paid directly to the City of Burlington.

All entities doing business in Burlington (including caterers outside of Burlington) in the categories governing the tax must pay monthly.

A useful City award winning business guide to read before contacting the Clerk Treasurer’s Office can be viewed at CEDO: Doing Business in Burlington

Opening a New Business - Application

Gross Receipts Ordinance

Gross Receipts Tax Return Form

City of Burlington Short Term Rental FAQ


***Effective July 1, 2020 all business subject to the gross receipts tax must re-commence transmitting taxes to the City of Burlington for taxes collected starting July 1, 2020, but may submit any report and taxes due for a period of up to 30 days after they are due without penalty and interest. This waiver of penalties and interest will continue until the COVID-19 emergency declaration is ended by the Mayor or the Governor, whichever occurs later***