Clerk/Treasurer’s Office

Election Workers, Ward Clerks, and Inspectors of Election

Interested in Becoming an Election Worker? 

The City relies on members of the community to offer their time to work at the polls. Tasks that workers perform include helping direct voters to the right place, setting up and breaking down the poll, assisting in reporting election results, handing out ballots, registering voters and marking voter participation. Workers must be registered voters in the City of Burlington. 16 and 17 year olds may also work under the supervision of an adult worker. They should have strong attention to detail and should be able to conduct themselves in a friendly, professional manner. No prior training or experience is required; the City will help you to be prepared. A variety of shifts are available. Workers are compensated for their time. Assistant Election Officials are paid $13.67/hr, Inspectors of Election are paid $14.67/hr, and Ward Clerks are paid $15.67/hour.

Information on how Elections are run can be found in our Elections Procedures Manual.

If you are interested in working at the polls, or would like more information, please contact your Ward Clerk or send a message to

Ward Clerk - It is the general responsibility of each Ward Clerk to prepare for and oversee the operation of the ward polling place on Election Day. By statute, the Ward Clerk is charged with keeping the records of the elections held in the ward and certifying the results of the ward vote to the Clerk/Treasurer's Office. Ward Clerk Responsibilities

Inspectors of Election - The Inspectors of Election are charged with presiding over and preserving order at all elections, with deciding any questions as to who should vote, with the sorting and counting of ballots, and with announcing the results to observers. Along with the Ward Clerk, the Inspectors serve as the "presiding officers" of the polling place. Inspector of Election Responsibilities