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Ward Clerks and Inspectors of Election

Ward Clerk - It is the general responsibility of each Ward Clerk to prepar for and oversee the operation of the ward polling place on Election Day. By statute, the Ward Clerk is charged with keeping the records of the elections held in the ward and certifying the results of the ward vote to the Clerk/Treasurer's Office.

Inspectors of Election - The Inspectors of Election are charged with presiding over and preserving order at all elections, with deciding any questions as to who should vote, with the sorting and counting of ballots, and with announcing the results to observers. Along with the Ward Clerk, the Inspectors serve as the "presiding officers" of the polling place. 

Ward One Name Address Phone Party Term Ends
Clerk Sue Alenick 534 North Street 863-5723 (D) 2019
Inspector Linda Sheehey 139 Mansfield Ave 658-2605 (D) 2020
Inspector Gloria Yandow 421 North Street 863-3320 (D) 2021
Inspector Jean Hopkins 11 East Village Drive  863-5359 (I) 2019
Ward Two Name Address Phone Party Term Ends
Clerk Wendy Coe 102 Saint Louis Street 658-6289 (P) 2019
Inspector Andrew Champagne 32 Greene Street 540-0717 (D) 2020
Inspector Solveig Overby 87 Walnut Street 863-1024 (D) 2021
Inspector Anna Schneider 9 School Street 595-0164 (P) 2019
Ward Three Name Address Phone Party Term Ends
Clerk Sara Jelen 18 Pitkin Street  355-6153 (D) 2019
Inspector Kit Andrews 222 Park Street Apt 1 862-6262 (P) 2021
Inspector Charlie Giannoni 63 Rose Street 660-9870 (I) 2019
Inspector Vacant        
Ward Four Name Address Phone Party Term Ends
Clerk Jim Holway 63 Loaldo Drive 865-4471 (D) 2019
Inspector Tony Bell 35 Woodlawn Road 658-4499 (R) 2019
Inspector Ernestine Abel 40 Wildwood Drive 658-7874 (D) 2021
Inspector Vacant        
Ward Five Name Address Phone Party Term Ends
Clerk Elisa Nelson 155 Austin Drive 864-7573 (D) 2019
Inspector Rachel Fraumann 161 Austin Drive Unit 34 881-3768 (I) 2020
Inspector Michael Healy 66 Scarff Avenue 864-9724 (I) 2021
Inspector Kurt Thoma 161 Austin Drive Unit 34 565-0040 (I) 2019
Ward Six Name Address Phone Party Term Ends
Clerk Colin McNeil 12 Adams Street 863-4531 (D) 2019
Inspector Vacant       2019
Inspector Michelle Mraz 10 Holt Street 863-1356 (D) 2020
Inspector Robert Backus 10 Holt Street 310-1772 (D) 2021
Ward Seven Name Address Phone Party Term Ends
Clerk Thomas Fleury 164 Saratoga Avenue 651-0978 (D) 2019
Inspector Alan Sousie 32 Birch Court 238-5988 (I) 2020
Inspector Michael McGarghan  111 Birch Court 233-1238 (I) 2019
Inspector Wanda Zygmuntowitz 30 Moore Drive 716-983-4239 (D) 2021
Ward Eight Name Address Phone Party Term Ends
Clerk Keith Pillsbury 25 University Terrace 862-3575 (I) 2019
Inspector Samuel Harrison 185 Davis Road Apt. N312 356-2644 (I) 2019
Inspector Vacant       2020
Inspector Vacant       2021

(D) = Democrat
(I) = Independent
(P) = Progressive
(R) = Republican

Last Update: April 6, 2017