Station 4

1397 North Avenue

  • Engine 4 2011
  • E-ONE 75' Quint 1500 Gallons Per Minute

The current Station Four was built in 1991. The original station was built in the 1950’s and housed a single engine with living quarters for three firefighters in a space not much bigger than the truck. Although it was renovated, the original structure remains as part of the new station, now housing office space for the union. The original apparatus bay now houses the reserve ambulance. If Rescue One and Rescue Two are unavailable, the crew of Engine Four leaves the engine parked in the station and responds with Rescue Three to calls in the New North End. The new station was built to allow for future expansion. While originally the three bays in the station housed only a single engine, Engine Four, Rescue Three, and the department's Mass Casualty Incident Trailer are now housed here. The second floor of the station has spacious living quarters for the firefighters, with an extra bedroom to allow for additional staff in the future.