Burlington Fire Department

Station 4

Station 4

1397 North Avenue



The Firehouse:

Fire Station Number 4 has served the city since it was completed in 1991. The men and women at Station 4 respond first due to the New North End of Burlington, which contains single-family homes, apartment buildings, commercial properties, a state highway, several schools, and several senior living facilities. Station 4 is home to Ladder 4 and Ambulance 4 and is staffed by 5 firefighters. The original station was built in the 1950’s and housed a single engine with living quarters for three firefighters in a space not much bigger than the truck. Although renovated, the original structure remains part of the new station, now housing fitness equipment and a PPE storage room. The original apparatus bay now houses the department's utility pick-up truck during summer.

Ladder 4

Ladder 4 is a 2011 E-One HP 75' Straight Stick with a 1500gpm pump that also provides advanced life support care. It responded to 1601 calls in 2022. Ladder 4 is staffed with three firefighters and is capable of fire suppression, paramedic-level emergency medicine, ice water rescue, high and low-angle rope rescue, auto extrication, and tactical EMS.

Ambulance 4

Ambulance 4 is a 2016 Ford F-450 with a custom Osage patient compartment that is fully paramedic-equipped to provide advanced life support. It responded to 1694 calls in 2022. Ambulance 4 is staffed with two firefighters and is capable of paramedic-level emergency medicine and tactical EMS. The permanent staffing of Ambulance 4 took effect in August 2021 with the support of the citizens. This allows for a more rapid response to requests for emergency medical services and a more robust response to all other emergencies in the district. Ambulance members are also firefighters and assist engine companies with fire attack and ladder companies with search and rescue.