Burlington Fire Department

Steps to Becoming A Burlington Firefighter

Congratulations, you have already completed the first step of your journey to become one of our next Burlington Firefighters. By visiting this webpage you have begun the process of getting ready for employment as a professional firefighter. Below you can find a short check list of what you need to apply as well as other things you can do to make yourself as prepared as possible for the hiring process. We have also included links to places that offer these skills and certifications.


Don't forget to submit the "Ask a firefighter" webform to connect with one of our current firefighters or firefighter/paramedics. These folks can answer your questions and provide you with an in house resource as you prepare for your next steps in the process. The individuals that you will be in communication with are some of our younger members who have recently been in your shoes!


Best of luck, please don't hesitate to contact us with more questions.

We are glad that you are here. 


1. EMT Certification

Local Companies:

https://www.uvm.edu/cnhs/irems/emergency_medical_technician_emt (in person options)

http://netsvt.com/ (In person and hybrid options)


Online Options:

https://www.emtfiretraining.com/emt-b-course.php (online)

There are many other options available if you do a little research 


Certification Handbook:



2. Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)


CPAT certification is NOT required to apply. However, YOU MUST have a current CPAT certification to begin your employment. CPAT testing facilities can be found in many states and locations.