Burlington Fire Department

Central Fire Station (Station 1)

Central Station

136 So. Winooski Ave

The Firehouse: Fire Station Number 1, also known as Central Fire Station, is the busiest firehouse in the city. Home to Battalion 1, Engine 1, Tower 1 and Ambulance 1, the firehouse is staffed by 7 firefighters, 4 chief officers and 1 adminstrative assistant. Engine 1 and Ambulance 1 each respond to approximatley 3,000 emergency calls per year. The Tower-Ladder responds on roughly 1,500 fire calls and technical incidents. The Battalion Chief is neeeded on appromixatley 1,000 runs annually which deemed to be complex and large in size requiring a more sophisticed command structure. Station 1 is located downtown on South Winooski Avenue and just 1 block from the historic Church Street. New probationary firefighters often begin thier careers here at "Central" and recieve thier first emergency calls as a career firefighter. Built in 1926, members stationed here enjoy rich history and many visitors from all over the world. 

Tower 1

  • 2019 E-One 100' Tower Ladder

Engine 1

  • 2017 E-One Cyclone
  • 1500 GPM Pump
  • 750 Gallon Tank 

Ambulance 1

  • 2016 Ford F450 Chassis with Osage Custom ALS Patient Compartment

Battalion 1

  • 2018 Chevy Tahoe

Rescue 1

  • E-One