Station 2

Station 2 with ApparatusJohn D. Boardman Station
132 North Avenue

Engine 2

  •  2017 E-One E-Max 1500 GPM Quint with 75' straight ladder.

Rescue 2

  •  2014 Ford F450 chassis with Osage custom ALS Patient Compartment.


Completed in 1980, Station Two houses Engine 2, Rescue 2, the reserve Engine 6, UTV 2, Car 4, Car 6, and the Fire Investigation Unit.  Station Two originally housed Engine 2, Rescue 1, an 80’ Snorkel known as the Aero Chief and the reserve ambulances. The Aero Chief was sold several years later, and in 1988 a combination fire engine and ladder truck known as a quint replaced Engine 2.

Rescue 1 was stationed here from the early 1980’s until 2002, when it was transferred back to Central Fire Station, and replaced by Rescue 2. During its tenure at Station 2, Rescue 1 was the busiest ambulance in Vermont. The annual call volume was approaching 3500 when the second ambulance was added. Together, these ambulances now respond to over 4000 calls per year.

Station 2 also houses the Training Office, as well as classroom, and the Office of the City Fire Marshal. 

Station 2 is dedicated to the brave members of the Burlington Fire Department who have made the supreme sacrifice and died in the line of duty:

Firefighter Scott L. Allen
Deputy Chief George K. Carty
Firefighter Frank S. Osicky
Captain Joseph J. Linnane
Lieutenant Steven N. "Vinny" Costello