Burlington Fire Department

Station 2

Station 2

John D. Boardman Station

132 North Avenue


The Firehouse:

Fire Station Number 2, also known as the John D. Boardman Station, has served the city since it was completed in 1980. The men and women at Station 2 respond first due to the Old North End of Burlington, which contains single-family homes, apartment buildings, commercial properties, a state highway, and several schools. Station 2 is home to Ladder 2, Ambulance 2, reserve Engine 6, UTV 2, Car 4, Car 6, and the Hazmat/Decon trailer. The City Fire Marshalls office and the Division of Training are also located here. The firehouse is staffed by 5 firefighters, one Battalion Chief of Training, the City Fire Marshal, and two Assistant Fire Marshals. This station also provides a large training room for department classes and is the home to the EMS equipment cache.

Ladder 2

Ladder 2 is a 2017 E-One HP 75' Straight Stick with a 1500gpm pump that also provides advanced life support care. It responded to 2051 calls in 2022. Engine 2 is staffed with three firefighters and is capable of fire suppression, paramedic-level emergency medicine, ice water rescue, high and low-angle rope rescue, ice water rescue, and tactical EMS.

Ambulance 2

Ambulance 2 is a 2014 Ford F-450 with a custom Osage patient compartment that is fully paramedic-equipped to provide advanced life support. It responded to 2507 calls in 2022. Ambulance 2 is staffed with two firefighters and is capable of paramedic-level emergency medicine and tactical EMS. Ambulance members are also firefighters and assist engine companies with fire attack and ladder companies with search and rescue.

Engine 6

Engine 6 is a 2003 E-One 1500gpm pumper that serves as a reserve engine. Engine 6 has no assigned members and is often used by the Training Division.

Station 2 is dedicated to the brave members of the Burlington Fire Department who have made the supreme sacrifice and died in the line of duty:

Firefighter Scott L. Allen
Deputy Chief George K. Carty
Firefighter Frank S. Osicky
Captain Joseph J. Linnan
Lieutenant Steven N. "Vinny" Costello       

LT. STEVEN N. COSTELLO of Ladder Company 2 Burlington, Vermont Local 3044, died in the line of duty on Friday, July 30, 2010, at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vermont, at the age of 46. He was a 23-year veteran of the Burlington Fire Department. Steve started his firefighting career as a volunteer with the Colchester Center, Vermont Fire Department, and was hired by the Burlington Fire Department on Nov. 23, 1987. Steve was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on October 25, 2004. On July 9, 2009, Lt. Costello transferred to Ladder Company 2 B-shift. This position and station was the spot he had always wanted. Steve spent most of his career at Station 2 on both Rescue (Ambulance) and then the Ladder. Steve considered Station 2 his home away from home. To this day, Ladder 2 proudly carries his fire department number, 86, as a tribute to his service and a memorial for his memory.