Burlington Fire Department

Emergency Communications Center

On January 1, 1990, Formal fire and rescue dispatching responsibilities were handed over from Firefighters assigned to the Alarm Room to civilian dispatchers; now called Emergency Communication Specialists.  The original alarm room was located at Central Fire Station, 136 S Winooski Avenue.

When dispatch was taken over by Emergency Communication Specialists, it was relocated to the dispatch center in the basement of 82 S Winooski Avenue. Since that time, the center has been moved to 1 North Ave., where it has remained since October, 2004.  The center recently underwent complete renovations.

The communication center is home to 12 full time emergency communication specialists and several part time specialists. They handle both 911 lines, and regular incoming lines for police, fire, and EMS services.

If you are having work done to your home or business, please call Fire Dispatch at 802-864-5311 to report construction at that location.  If any alarms go off you are responsible for the false alarm.

Regional Dispatch

The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission is currently conducting a study pertaining to a Regional Dispatch Model; for more information about the Project and its findings; please visit:  http://www.ccrpcvt.org/our-work/emergency-management/regional-dispatch/