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Current Rates for FY18 (Consumption during July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018, reflected on August 2017 bills)

The water rate is $4.11 per 100 cubic feet for all users and for those customers with water only accounts, the rate is $4.19/100 CF.

The wastewater rate is $5.49 per 100 cubic feet for all users.

Stormwater rates are based on your land use code and you can either be assessed a flat fee or be charged based on your actual impervious surface. 

  • Single Family: $6.60/month flat fee

  • Duplex: $6.56/month flat fee

  • Triplex: $7.56/month flat fee

  • Directly Assessed Customers: $2.47 x ISU/month 1 ISU = 1,000 sq.ft. impervious

Water Resources is also subject to the Street Franchise Fee (section 27-122) whereby we pay 3.5% of our gross revenues to the City. This will be shown separately on your Water Resources bill beginning with the 7/1/17 consumption period. 

The FY18 budgets for the Water Resources (Water, Wastewater and Stormwater) Enterprise funds were approved by the City Council on June 26, 2017.  Please see the FY 18 budget presentation for more details on the revenue and expense drivers for FY18 and possible drivers in FY19 and FY20.  

As with recent years, some of the biggest pressures on the Water Resources budgets are related to aging infrastructure, playing "catch up" for past years of not having modest rate increases and for not having a dedicated funding stream for stormwater management.  Fortunately, over the past several years, the Council has supported such modest rate increases to support additional reinvestment in our capital, though the list remains long.

Capital Graph.JPG

A notable change for FY18 is the change in how Water Resources accounts for the 3.5% Franchise Fee that the City Charter requires Water Resources (and other utilities like BED) to pay on Water and Wastewater Gross Revenue (see FAQ).  Previously, this fee was accounted for within the Water and Wastewater Rates - that is, we treated Franchise Fee as an expense in our annual budget.  We would set our rates as needed to fund the proposed annual budget, and when a rate increase was needed, we would then have to add on an additional rate increase to account for the fact that our Franchise Fee payment to the City General Fund would also go up.  It was an imperfect system and since the Franchise Fee is really a pass through charge, we determined it would be best to follow the example of our sibling City utility department, Burlington Electric, and list it separately on our bills to be as transparent with you, our customers.  This is why, for example, on page 17 of the budget presentation you see a decrease in the Wastewater rate from $5.55 to $5.49, yet we show a monthly increase of approximately $1.00 for the Wastewater portion of the typical customer's bill (based on average annual usage).  Overall, the average single family residential customer will see approximately a 3.21% increase in their monthly water resources bill.

The most significant driver of increases to the overall Water Resources is the debt service on the $8.34 Million Water Main Reinvestment Bond approved in November 2016.  Water Resources has already started putting this bond money to work during this 2017 Construction Season (see Water Resources Projects) and is spending approximately $4 M ($3.25 M from the Bond) to renew or replace 4.16 miles of our 110 miles of distribution system in advance of the Calendar year 2018 Street Paving. Without the debt service associated with the $3.25 M Series 2017 Water Bond, the overall rate increase would have been approximately 1.7% vs. 3.21%.


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