Code Enforcement

The Permit Process - Super Simplified

The following is a quick list of the basic steps that a typical project requiring a Zoning Permit will need to follow. We also have a simplified Flowchart that illustrates the process from beginning to end.

  1. Apply for the zoning permit in the online permit system. You will be mailed a red "Z-Card" after applying.  Be sure to post the "Z-Card" public notice where it can easily be seen from the street.
  2. The permit application is processed by P&Z staff. Simple projects can be acted on by staff and usually only take a few days depending on their workload. More complex projects have to be reviewed by the Development Review Board and can several weeks.
  3. Once an application has been approved, there is a 15 day appeal period required by state law before you can actually get your permit.
  4. During this appeal period, the Construction Permit(s) can be processed.  
  6. After the appeal period ends, the zoning permit will be issued in the form of an electronic document to your account in the online permit system.
  8. With your Zoning and Construction Permits in-hand, you can finally get to work!
  9. During the project you can expect one or more construction permit inspections while you are doing the job. If you find you need to make changes that are different from what's been approved on your Zoning Permit, consult with the Zoning staff first so you understand how this may affect your permit.
  10. When you are almost done with the work you can request a final inspection to close out your Construction permit.  
  11. Once your Construction Permit has been closed-out and all of the work is complete, you are ready for a Final Unified Certificate of Occupancy (UCO) from the Dept. of Permitting & Inspections.  For zoning permits issued before July 1, 2020, please request a unified certificate of occupancy through the online portal.  For zoning permits approved more recently, there is no need to make a seperate request. To stay "Super Simplified", make sure you have completed everything in accordance with your Zoning Permit. Small changes can be approved by Zoning staff with an "as-built" plan. Bigger changes however may require a whole new zoning permit so plan ahead. If there are still a few things that need to get done but you are otherwise ready to begin using the space you can request a temporary UCO.
  12. Like the Construction and Zoning Permits, the UCO will be issued to your account in the online permit system.  Enjoy the result of all your hard work!

Please remember this is the MOST simplified process. Depending on the project, it may take longer, cost more, or have more restrictions than outlined above. For the best information, visit the appropriate office and speak with the staff about what to expect for YOUR SPECIFIC project.