Code Enforcement

Construction Permits


Through the construction permitting processes & procedures; Burlington’s Inspection Services Team delivers the highest-quality of service with integrity and respect that supports the city's infrastructure consistently with the VT Fire & Building Safety Code and the  Burlington Code of Ordinance.

A long-standing Municipal Agreement exists between the City of Burlington & the State of Vermont that authorizes the city to operate independently, adopt and administer the construction fire & building safety codes & standards adopted by and applied in the State.  Equally and recognized by most agreements alike minimum codes must be met and never anything less; however, the city reserves the right to elevate the minimum standards over and above the State minimums to those levels that serves best for the City of Burlington.    


In summary, exclusively working for the City of Burlington and Via the agreement, DPI-Trades Division is an extension of the State of VT overseeing the same model codes and amendments adoted in the Vermont Fire & Building Safety Codes.  The Burlington Code of Ordinances and its charter separates the City from the State supporting the city's privilege to adopt those modifications that best serves Burlington’s built environment and infrastructure but never less stringent than the VTFBSC.