Code Enforcement

Conditions of Approval and Pre-Release Conditions

Every Zoning Permit that is issued comes with one or more sets of specific conditions or requirements that must be followed. These may be:

  • Pre-Release Conditions - A set of specific requirements that must be addressed before the Zoning Permit can be released to the applicant. Examples might include documentation of an approved Erosion Control Plan from the City's Stormwater Plangineer, copies of the proposed replacement window specifications, or a revised landscaping or parking plan.
  • Standard Permit Conditions - A set of general permit conditions that accompany every Zoning Permit. Examples include obtaining a Construction Permit and Final Unified Certificate of Occupancy, permit time limits, errors and omissions, and City inspection and enforcement.  
  • Project Specific Conditions - A set of project-specific Zoning Permit conditions and requirements that must be addressed by the time the project has been completed in order to receive a Final Unified Certificate of Occupancy.

A copy of these conditions accompanies every Zoning Permit.