Code Enforcement

Permit Expiration

Zoning permits run with the land, but do not last forever. Each zoning permit has a Construction Start Deadline and a Permit Expiration Date specified on the Conditions of Approval.

The Construction Start Deadline is the time period in which work MUST commence on the project. The date is one (1) year from the permit's Decision Date (Sec 3.2.9(d)).

The Permit Expiration Date is the time period in which the zoning permit is valid. In most cases zoning permits are valid for three (3) years from the permit's Decision Date. Work on the project must be complete by the Permit Expiration Date (Sec 3.2.9(d). Notes:

  • Permits arising from violations of the Comprehensive Development Ordinance expire in one (1) year, and a Certificate of Occupancy must be issued by that date (Sec 3.2.9(e)).
  • The Development Review Board may increase or decrease the Construction Start Deadline and/or Permit Expiration Date, such as increasing for large projects built in phases (Sec 3.2.9(f)). However the time limits of Sec 3.2.9(d) can not be changed for administratively reviewed permits.
  • For projects requiring subsequent state and/or federal permits, the Construction Start Deadline and Permit Expiration Dates are set relative to the last state or federal permit decision date (Sec 3.2.9(f)).

All work anticipated under the permit must be completed, and a Certificate of Occupancy obtained, before the Permit Expiration Date passes.

Permit holders may extend the Expiration Date in one (1) year increments by written request (Sec 3.2.9(d). Most permit extension requests are processed administratively and decisions are subject to the appeal period.

The Certificate of Occupancy process, which documents permit compliance, must also account for permits which were never utilized, i.e. the project was not started. Permits whose Construction Start Deadline AND Permit Expiration Date have not passed, are processed as "Relinquished". Those whose Construction Start Deadline OR Permit Expiration Date have passed, are processed as "Expired".