Code Enforcement

Pending CDO Amendments

The Comprehensive Development Ordinance includes both the City's zoning and subdivision regulations. Zoning is a City regulatory process concerned with land use and development. Zoning subdivides a community into "Zoning Districts" that define what types of land uses can go where, and controls the intensity of uses, the size of buildings, and their placement on the land. Subdivision regulations govern how properties are divided or combined in order to create individual lots for sale.

Amending the CDO

The City routinely makes changes to the standards contained in the CDO in order to improve the wording and standards of the ordinance to achieve our desired outcomes, and to be responsive to actual development realities. These changes are made through an amendment process that is outlined in Vermont State Statutes. The process includes the review of a proposed amendment first by the Planning Commission, who makes recommendations to the City Council. The City Council has authority for adopting amendments to the CDO. The zoning amendment process includes:

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Pending Amendments

Click below to review the amendments currently being considered by the Planning Commission or City Council, or that have recently been adopted.