Code Enforcement

Other Permits and Licenses


Right of Way Encroachment: Any project that may encroach on the City Right of Way (ROW) will need prior approval. This may be in the form of direct encroachment on the ground, encroachment below ground or projection above the ROW such as an awning. Please contact the Department of Public Works at 802-863-9094 for more information.

Liquor License: Projects may require a Liquor License from the License Committee. The City Council License Committee consists of two parts: 1)- Local Control Subcommittee, and 2)- Licensing Committee. The Local Control Subcommittee deals solely with the City's oversight of State liquor laws and regulations. The Licensing Committee handles all licenses or permits established by city ordinance that require City Council approval. Please contact the Office of the Clerk and Treasurer for more information.


Go to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for information on environmental permitting required by the State of Vermont. A DEC Permit Handbook is available. In most cases State environmental permits are not required to receive City permits. However some State permits, such as for wetland impacts and stormwater discharges, can be highly beneficial in zoning permit review.

Certain categories of projects require an Act 250 Land Use permit. The Vermont Natural Resources Board has information and resources with regard to this law.