Code Enforcement

Permit Status Reports

Public Notice Z-CardPurpose: To provide current information to zoning permit applicants and interested citizens regarding zoning administration activity by the Zoning Division.

Reports are generated from the City's permitting database in real-time, available on this web site in one or two formats: A table sorted by street address, and as a map in Google MapTM format.

When Can I Pick Up My Permit? You may pick up your permit beginning the day after the 'Appeal Period Ends' date. These permits are also listed on the 'Permits Ready to be Picked Up' table. The Office is located at 645 Pine Street and is open from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. More Frequently Asked Questions.

Today's Zoning Activity Reports Explanation
Applications Under Review Table Map Applications currently being processed by the Division. | More Information |
What's New Table Map Applications Under Review received by the Division in the last ten (10) calendar days.
Permits Ready to be Picked Up Table   Permit applications that have been approved and whose appeal periods have ended. Permits must be picked up at the Zoning office. | More Information |
Appeals Table Map Application and other zoning decisions that are under appeal to either the Development Review Board, Vermont Superior Court Environmental Division, Vermont Supreme Court, or the US Supreme Court. | More Information |
Permits to Expire Soon Table Map Permits that will expire in the next 62 days. | More Information | Coming Soon!