Code Enforcement

Construction Permits

Most projects that require a Zoning Permit will require a construction permit. Contact the Trades Division (802-863-9094), as soon as possible to find out what will be required for your construction permit(s). Most applications that require a zoning permit also require a Building, Electrical, Plumbing and/or Mechanical permit.

You will not be able to get a construction permit until the zoning permit is valid, so use this time to gather the information that they may need. A valid zoning permit is one that you have signed and picked up at the Zoning office. See Picking Up Your Zoning Permit for more information.

Once you have your valid Zoning Permit in hand, you will need to obtain any Building, Plumbing, Electrical or other trades permits that may be required for your project:

  • The Building Inspector will need verification that you have received your zoning permit first so bring the signed zoning permit with you.
  • This portion of the City's permitting process typically involves one or more inspections of the construction and electrical/plumbing installation after you have submitted a complete application describing your project.

Project Changes: Projects can change during the construction phase. Any changes from the approved zoning plans and elevations (regardless of whether they have been required by a City Inspector) will require an amendment to the original or a new zoning permit before proceeding to the Certificate of Occupancy. If the change is minor, this can sometimes be done in the form of an "As-Built Plan" approved by the Zoning Administrator. Contact the Zoning Division to find out how any changes during construction will be processed in anticipation of Certificate of Occupancy issuance. See Project Completion for more information.