Clerk/Treasurer’s Office

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget



Mayor’s Transmittal

1.             Summary Reports
     a.        Consolidated Summary
     b.        General Tax Rate and Property Tax Revenue
     c.        General Fund Positions Summary

2.                   Clerk/Treasurer’s Office Memo Re: Columns Included in Budget Worksheets

General Fund:
3.                  Non-Departmental Revenues and Expenditures
4.                  City Council
5.                  Regional Programs
6.                  Mayor’s Office
7.                  Clerk/Treasurer’s Office
8.                  City Attorney
9.                  Planning and Zoning
10.                City Assessor
11.                Human Resources
12.                Fire Department
13.                Police Department
14.                Department of Public Works
15.                Code Enforcement
16.                Fletcher Free Library
17.                Parks and Recreation Department
18.                Burlington City Arts

Special Revenue Funds:
19.                Community and Economic Development Office
20.                Church Street Marketplace
21.                Traffic Division of DPW
22.                Stormwater Division of DPW
23.                TIF Districts

Enterprise Funds:
24.                Burlington International Airport
25.                Water Division of DPW
26.                Wastewater Division of DPW
27.                Burlington Telecom
28.                Burlington Electric Department

Other Information
29.                Retirement Fund (a Fiduciary Fund)
30.                Personnel Listing
31.                Capital Program