Clerk/Treasurer’s Office

Fiscal Year 2021 Financial Reports

These reports shown below are used by the Mayor’s Administration and the Board of Finance to track whether city departments are on track for success in their annual budgets.  The reports show revenue received to date and spending to date (actual and encumbered), compared with what is budgeted for the fiscal year, which runs from July 1st through June 30th.

The City’s financials are broken down into 8 reports. The largest is the “General Fund” report, which covers all departments that are funded primarily from general fund revenue sources, which are property taxes, sales taxes, rooms and meals taxes, and fees and fines. These departments include: Clerk/Treasurer, the Mayor’s Office, Parks and Recreation, Police, Fire, some parts of Public Works, Code Enforcement, City Arts, Planning and Zoning, and the Library. The other eight reports cover enterprises and activities who do not directly receive property taxes and are therefore funded with grants, fees and sales revenue (Airport, Water Resources, Church Street Marketplace, Traffic, CEDO, Insurance Funds, TIF, and Retirement).

These reports will be tracked on a monthly basis and will serve as an “early warning system” for addressing spending or revenue that is out of line with our 2020-2021 budget. These will also be updated on a monthly basis.


General Fund Monthly                                     Special Funds -  September YTD                                              Sweep Reports                          

07-2020                                                               Insurance Funds                                                                           07-2020 

08-2020                                                              Church Street Marketplace                                                         08-2020 

09-2020                                                              Tax Increment Finance Districts                                                  09-2020 

10-2020 Not available                                      Traffic and Parking Funds

11-2020 Not available                                       Community and Economic Development

12 -2020 Not Avaliable                                                               

01 -2021 Not Available                                     Enterprise Funds -  September  YTD

02 -2021 Not Available                                     Burlington International Airport

03 -2021 Not Available                                     Water Resources

04 -2021 Not available                           

05 -2021 Not Available                                     Perpetual Fund  - September YTD

06 -2021 Not Available                                     Retirement Fund