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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Annual City Election 

Polls Open 7am-7pm 

Absentee Ballot Request Form or request an absentee ballot online.


Voter Information

Voter Registration Info

How to Vote - Citizen's Guide to Voting on Election Day

Wards, State Districts, and Polling Places


Sample Ballots + Ballot Summary

Copies of Sample Ballots, Warnings and Notices

Ballot Summary


Election Results

Election Results - Results from past elections


Additional Information

Election Calendar - Important dates for the upcoming Election

Candidates - Forms: Candidate Major Party Endorsement, Consent, and Petition; and Lists: Street Address Ranges for City Wards, City Districts, State Districts

Redistricting Summary - Executive Summary of the major changes to the City Charter regarding the City's Wards, City Council, School Board, Ward Officers, and transitional provisions

Board of Registration of Voters - Meetings: Agendas and Minutes

Ward Clerks and Inspectors of Election - Membership: Ward Clerks and Inspectors of Election

Election Workers - Information for individuals interested in working at the polls

Elections Procedures Manual - Best Practices and Laws Related to Elections Processes