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Water Resources

Irrigation Meters

Is My Property Eligible To Receive An Irrigation Meter?

Burlington Water Resources allows customers to receive a separate, water only meter if they have an irrigation system.  The system must have permanent in ground water lines connected to permanent outlets (e.g., soaker hoses, sprinkler heads), along with plumbing that extends into the home with appropriate ball valve(s) and approved, testable backflow prevention.  The meter must stay installed year round unless the system is being dismantled.  This policy was adopted in 1993.  

What Is Required and Who Is Responsible?

The property owner is responsible for hiring a licensed professional and all costs related to having said contractor install the irrigation system, backflow prevention assembly and making any other needed plumbing changes after the water meter. 

A Plumbing Permit from the City’s Permitting & Inspections Department is also required.  There is an application, permit fee and final inspection required for all plumbing work.  Please contact them at 863-0442 with any additional permit related questions.

The irrigation meter can only be installed by the City of Burlington, and a bill will be issued to the property owner for the all parts, labor and equipment necessary for the installation of the new meter.  Replacement costs for this special meter are also the responsibility of the property owner.     

We also require that your other account(s) be in good financial standing with our department before a new meter can be installed.  

What Size Meter Do I Need?

Most residential irrigation systems are adequately served by a 5/8” water meter.  If this will serve a commercial property or a very large property, please send us the expected maximum flow demand and the specifications of the irrigation system so we can size the meter appropriately.  

Are There Other Charges?

You will receive a monthly water bill with a base meter fee according to the meter size along with any charges for your volumetric usage during that reading period. 

How Do I Schedule The Meter Installation?

The appointment for meter installation can be scheduled after we receive confirmation that a permit has been issued by the DPW Plumbing Inspector, and the irrigation system has been largely completed.  Please note, we do not install meter spacer bars, so it is preferable to schedule your contractor for the final plumbing after the irrigation meter is installed or same day.  Review the steps below:   

1.   Please contact us at 863-4501 or (M-F, 8-4:00) to discuss current availability.

2.   We recommend having at least two dates in mind when you contact us as your preferred time slot may not be available.

3.   We begin site visits at 7 am and schedule them in 1.5 hour block increments until 2:30 pm.  We do not utilize appointment windows--you will be able to choose an exact time.

4.   A property representative is required to remain onsite for the duration of the appointment.

5.   Please contact us to reschedule your appointment if anyone in the household has been sick, or recently interacted with someone who was sick.