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Water Resources

Private Fire Infrastructure Review Request

Burlington Water Resources began charging a fixed monthly fee for private fire services and/or private hydrants in July 2021.  Each building has a domestic water service line, but most commercial buildings, institutions and multi unit residential buildings require a larger service pipe (either separate, or split from the incoming service line) to provide adequate water during a fire.  Our distribution system has to be larger to provide the additional capacity should these private fire services or hydrants be activated.  The private fire protection fee ensures appropriate cost recovery from the specific group of customers who are placing the demand on our system.  The fire service diameters and hydrant counts used for billing were compiled from a number of sources including GIS, meter assessments, permits and records from 1991 when a complete survey was done of all the private fire infrastructure in Burlington.

If you are being charged for a private fire service or hydrant, and believe our existing records are incorrect then please complete the form below.  Our staff will respond within 14 business days of submission with our findings or arrange to schedule a site visit to your property to investigate further. 

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