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Water Resources

Troubleshooting a High Water Bill

The first thing to do is conduct an internal audit to discover if any plumbing fixtures are leaking. The most common culprit of excessive water usage is a running toilet, although you should examine all fixtures including outside spigots. The water meter is typically located in your basement along the wall that is closest to the roadway.  They are temperature sensitive and will break when exposed to freezing temperatures, so if you do not have a basement then look in another protected area, like a utility closet.  There is a “leak indicator” on the face of the meter and this is a small red triangle (or diamond) that spins when the meter is recording usage.  Please take a moment when no one in the household is using water and watch the indicator.  If it is moving at all then your meter is recording consumption and water is moving through your home somewhere. 

If you did not find evidence of a leak then please reflect back on any recent events or changes in your household.  Did the number of residents change? Has there been a significant increase in laundry? Did you power wash your home? Are you an avid gardener?  Please review the number of days in the billing cycle on this bill--is it longer than usual? Was there a holiday during that period of time? Did you have a party or overnight guests? Any of these reasons could explain the high consumption and there may not be a reason for concern. We do offer free appointments to review the water meter with you. Please contact our Customer Service Team at (802)863-4501 or via email if you are interested in scheduling one.