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Water Resources

Completed Water Main Rehabilitation Projects

It is vital that we continually assess the water distribution system and identify mains that need to be updated.  New or relined mains reduce the change of future main breaks, increase fire flow capability and improve our long term water quality.  We utilize two different methods for water main rehabilitation: Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) relining and open dig replacement.  Open dig replacement is how these improvements were traditionally done, but we have found CIPP to be more cost effective and less disruptive to property owners and pedestrians.  However, there are times when replacement is the only option, like changing the diameter of the water main.  We have recently completed work on the following streets:  


      • Deforest Rd


      • North Prospect  St (North to Pearl)
      • Overlake Park (cul-de-sac)
      • Home Ave (Queen City Park to Batchelder)


      Institute Road (Campground to BHS Track)


      All projects were delayed because of the pandemic

      2019 (Relining)

      • Caroline Street (all)
      • Gazo Avenue (all)
      • Roseade Parkway (all)
      • Maple Street (St Paul to South Willard)
      • Pine Street (Flynn to Home)

      2019 (Replacement)

      • Flynn Avenue (Pine to Shelburne)
      • Maple Street (Church to South Winooski)

      2018 (Relining)

      • Allen Street (all)
      • Charlotte Street (all)
      • Pine Street (between Main to Maple) 
      • Pine Street (between Howard to Lakeside)
      • Maple Street (between Pine to St Paul)
      • Flynn Ave (between 255 Flynn to Shelburne)

      2018 (Replacement)

      • Ethan Allen Parkway (James Ave to North Ave) 
      • Church Street (Maple Street to Adams Street)
      • Latham Court 
      • Ferguson Avenue (Pine Street to Shelburne Road)

      2017 (Relining)

      • Austin Drive (Home Ave to Red Rock condo entrance)
      • Crescent Road (all)
      • South Cove (all)
      • Dunder (all)
      • St. Paul (between Main and Maple)
      • Pine Street (Main to Maple, Howard to Lakeside) 

      2017 (Replacement)

      • Maple Street (Battery Street to Pine Street)
      • Colchester Avenue (Nash Place to Barrett Street)
      • Birch Court
      • Cayuga Court

      2016 (Relining)

      • King Street (Battery Street to Pine Street)
      • Pitkin Street
      • Isham Street

      Other Replacements

      • Hickok Place (2016)
      • Germain Street (2015)
      • Oakland Terrace (2015)
      • Case Street (2014)
      • Fletcher Place (2014)
      • Thibault Parkway (2014)
      • Elm Terrace (2013)
      • Laurel Court (2013)

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