Upcoming (Nov 27-30 & Dec 4-Dec 8) Downtown Overnight Water Service Impacts: Details

Water Resources

Completed Sewer & Stormwater Rehabilitation Projects


  • Riverside Ave (Intervale to Bright)

2020 (All)

  • Maple Street (Willard to Church)
  • Charlotte Street (#106 Charlotte to Catherine)

2019 (Relining)

  • Austin Drive (stormwater)
  • Dunder Road (stormwater)

2018 (Relining)

  • Pine Street (Main to Maple)
  • South Cove Road
  • Home Avenue
  • Locust Street

2017 (Relining)

  • Hickok Place
  • King Street (Battery to Pine)
  • Pitkin Street 
  • Austin Drive (Home to Redrocks) (stormwater)

2017 (Other)

  • Gazo Avenue
    • Repaired eroded stormwater outfall.  An overview of the project area can be found here: Gazo Overview.pdf  (Note: Landowner names have been redacted for their privacy.)In addition to the outfall repair work, the City of Burlington contracted with the University of Vermont's Spatial Analysis Laboratory to obtain drone footage of the channel before and after construction occurred.  The inital flight occurred after the contractor had mobilized and started work (see you tube video here).  The final flight occurred after construction was completed (see you tube video here).  

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