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Construction Portal

We are pleased to present a look at the major infrastructure projects the City is working on. Click on the Construction Portal below to view all currently planned projects in 2024, active projects and everything we have worked on since 2017. We also have a detour map below for all of our active downtown detours to help you plan your route.

This portal does not include short-term emergency, maintenance or repair projects. Construction schedules are often dependent on weather. Work schedules are usually M-F, 7AM-7PM (occasional Saturday work, 7AM-3PM). Occasionally, once a project starts you may see a gap in phases of the project work. The schedule listed for these projects is tentative and gets refined as the season continues.


Downtown Detours

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Additional projects may be added, some projects may not yet be updated, and other projects may face unforeseen delays. Detours and traffic control plans may change, and cannot always be reflected on the map above. We will do our best to update all known downtown detours in a timely way. If you are in need of up to the minute schedules or specific project information, please call our customer service team at 802-863-9094 or email them at dpw-pinecustomerservice (@) 

WHAT ELSE YOU CAN DO TO STAY INFORMED: Sign up for VT-Alert for major construction related traffic alerts, or visit our project webpages below to sign up for weekly emails (per project).



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