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We are pleased to present a look at the major infrastructure projects the City is working on. This portal does not include short-term emergency, maintenance or repair projects. Construction schedules are often dependent on weather. Work schedules are usually M-F, 7AM-7PM (occasional Saturday work, 7AM-3PM). Occasionally, once a project starts you may see a gap in phases of the project work. The schedule listed for these projects is tentative and gets refined as the season continues. If you are in need of up to the minute schedules, please call our customer service team at 802-863-9094 or email them at dpw-pinecustomerservice (@) 

2023 Construction Projects

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**Note: When reading the map, keep in mind projects advance from proposed->approved/in design->under construction->completed. These maps do not show routine maintenance activities (street sweeping, catch basin cleaning, hydrant flushing, pothole repairs, etc) or most projects that have less than a one week duration.