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City of Burlington, Vermont

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Tax Rate and Calculations

July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

The appraised values are the basis for the distribution of the City's annual property tax levy. The Grand List Book is an inventory of approximately 10,423 taxable real estate parcels and 267 business personal property accounts. Property appraised values are based on an estimation of fair market value. The Assessor's Department has guidelines for insuring fair tax assessments for all property owners throughout the City.

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FY 2019 Tax Rates:

   Homestead: 1.8498
   Non-Homestead: 1.9765

   Tax Rate: 0.8303

Local Agreement
   Tax Rate: 0.0042

For information about HS-122 and the Vermont Homestead, click here.  
​For instructions on calculating properties with partial Business and/or Rental use, please contact the Assessor's Department

Formula for Calculating Taxes for a Residential Property with no Business or Rental Use

[Appraised Value] ÷ 100 = [Grand List Value]

[Grand List Value] x [Education Rate] = [Education Tax]

Total Property Tax = [Municipal Tax] + [Education Tax]

Formula for Calculating Taxes for a Commercial Property

([Appraised Value] x 1.2) ÷ 100 = [Assessed Value]

[Assessed Value] x [Municipal Tax Rate] = [Municipal Tax]

[Appraised Value] x [Non-Homestead Education Rate] = [Education Tax]

Total Property Tax = [Municipal Tax] + [Education Tax]

Property taxes are divided into quarterly payments. Payments are due on the 12th of August, November, March, and June each year. In the event that the 12th falls on a weekend, payments are due the next business day.