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Paving and Patching Program

The Paving and Patching Program



Paving typically occurs between April and November. Please refer to the construction portal to learn the latest news, delays, and information regarding the paving construction. Mailings to property owners on streets where paving will occur have been sent out to property owners. 

The streets scheduled to be paved this year can be found on the list below:



Pearl Street: from South Winooski Avenue to approximately 200ft from Prospect Street (Sidewalk work begins May 13th, 2024 and paving begins June 3rd)

St. Paul Street: from Adams Street to approximately 500ft from Howard Street   (COMPLETED)

Riverside Avenue: from Intervale Avenue to North Winooski Avenue  (COMPLETED)

Walnut Street: from Archibald Street to Oak Street  (COMPLETED)

Clarke Street: from Pearl Street to Grant Street  (COMPLETED)



North Avenue: from Plattsburg Ave. to Shore Rd. (Paving begins the first week of July)

Staniford Road: from Oakland Terrace to North Ave. (Paving begins the first week of July)

Patching Streets: to be announced soon!


If you have any questions about our paving program, please email or, or call the DPW Front Desk at (802) 863-9094.




Water: DPW will be replacing galvanized water services in the roadway at no cost to property owners before paving. Replacement of other water service line material types (e.g. copper in the roadway) are eligible for 50% cost share. The cost of service work outside the roadway, by ordinance, is fully the responsibility of the property owner. Please not that DPW-Water can offer 12-month payment plans for waterline work. If our records show you have a galvanized water service or an unknown service type, you will receive an additional letter from DPW.

Sewer: Sewer services are owner responsibility, by ordinance. Many sewer services are at risk of being in poor or failing condition.

Deadlines: Please refer to the property owner letter above for deadlines.

To the extent it is feasible, we will try to accommodate your work schedule with ours. No construction permits involving excavations within the City’s right-of-way will be issued on a street listed above after the City has completed this year’s paving project.  It is important that you notify us if you have any plans which may include replacing an existing or installing a new sewer, water, gas, communication, or buried electrical service. 


For questions or to schedule work, please call the DPW Front Desk at (802) 863-9094



Language services are provided free of charge. For interpreter services, please call the DPW Front Desk at (802) 863-9094 or go to: