Paving Program

The Street Reconstruction Program (Paving)


Work under the program will occur between April and November 2018. Please refer to the UPDATES section of this page to learn the latest news, delays and information regarding the paving project.

The streets scheduled to be paved and the type of work being done on them this year can be found on the list below.

Mill/Fill (remove top layer of pavement and repave)
Colchester Ave from Barrett St to East Ave and North Bound Lane Only from University Place to East Ave
College Street from Union to Willard
Maple Street from St. Paul to So. Winooski
North Ave - South Bound Lane Only from Shore Rd to Ethan Allen Parkway.
North Ave from Ethan Allen Parkway to Lakeview Cemetery 
Pine Street from Lakesdie to Kilburn
Reclaim (Grind up road to dirt, reshape, and repave)
Austin Drive from Industrial Pkwy to End
Birch Court
Cayuga Court
Crescent Road from Prospect Pkwy to Hillcrest Rd
Dorset Lane
Dunder Road
Maple Street from Battery St to St. Paul Street
Oakbeach Drive
Park Street from Manhattan to North Street
Pine Street from Flynn to Lakeside
Pleasant Ave
South Cove Road


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If you have any questions about our paving program or the list above, please contact me directly at or 802-540-0397.

For Abutting Property Owners (Reclaim Streets):

Any property owner or utility company has until June 30st, 2018 to complete or schedule any subsurface work that they plan to perform on one of the streets listed above.  If completed or scheduled, this work will be subject only to the administrative and inspection portion of the street excavation fee.  A full excavation fee will be waived for property owners who schedule or complete utility upgrades, such as water or sewer work prior to June 30, 2018. Any property on adjacent streets is eligible for this waiver only if their utility service connections originate on one of the listed streets.

To the extent it is feasible, we will try to accommodate your work schedule with ours. No construction permits involving excavations within the City’s right-of-way will be issued on a street listed above after the City has completed this year’s paving project.  It is important that you notify us if you have any plans (Which may include replacing and existing or installing a new sewer, water, gas, communication or buried electrical service).  Please call DPW with question or to schedule work at 863-9094.

Photos below show galvanized waterline and flow restricting corrosion overtime:


Photos below show corroded sewer lines from house to the main (photos from Oakland Terrace 2015):



NOVEMBER 2017: 2018 Street Reconstruction Program street list approved by Public Works Commission.

11/30/17: Notices went out to property owners and residents



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